Monday, March 3, 2008

Kiss me in the morning...

Jaden can give kisses now!  Last night at dinner she just started making this kissy face.  It was TOO funny!
What a long weekend!  I helped mom out at the Home and Garden Show all weekend.  It was fun but so exhausting.  You should've seen some of the people there!  Sometimes I wonder if these people even own a mirror.  If they do, they don't use it!  Some of the kids' hands we painted were so nasty!  Marker and food and dirt and hair... DISGUSTING! 
Shane came home to visit on Saturday.  He brought Frank over to play with Jaden.  She didn't like him too well.  He's so tiny and he just wanted to give her kisses.  She just pushed him away.  Sorry Frankie!!  She and I rocked out on Guitar Hero though.  I actually made it through a song on medium level!  It was so hard though.
I'm way too tired to type.  Happy Monday!

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