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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making House a Home: Living Room

Well, we are coming up on our one-year anniversary in our house! In our old house, our living room was the only room that was never re-done after moving in. It never felt comfortable and homey.  I was determined to not let this living room be the same way. I want every room in our new home to feel like the next.

Our living room has a huge window. There is a ton of natural light, but it is also very visable from the outside.

This is how our living room looked when we first walked through the house.  Very outlined.

When we moved in, we tossed some furniture in it and it basically became an extension to the playroom.

I decided to use the colors that I used in our family room, plus add in a little warm gray.

We got rid of the old furniture and did a little shopping!

We also inherited a piano from my parents and a chair that was my great-grandfather's and then my Grandma Pat's.  Here is my redo!

I was going back and forth on whether or not to do a reclaimed wood wall. It was originally planned to be on the wall that the piano backed up to. Mom pointed out that the woods would be different and I quickly decided to change plan and to an accent feature instead!  I couldn't be happier with the result. Plus, repurposing Mike's old toybox as a coffee table was perfect. It matches the wood on the wall better than any new coffee table!

To create this piece, I (with lots of help from Dad) ripped apart a few pallets and nailed them to the wall!  Super easy!  Then, I placed a vinyl decal on it and called it a day.  Love the result.


A few details in the decorating that I love...

I used BEHR Premium Plus Ultra paint in the following colors:

I love my new room. I'm not gonna lie... It is still pretty much an extension of the playroom.  Only now, it looks a little nicer :-)

Here is a list of my goodies:
Paint - Home Depot
Pillows - Gordman's
Curtains - IKEA
Loveseat - Macy's
Chalkboard Art -
Rug - IKEA

Monday, April 1, 2013

Living Room Pre-Planning

I'm getting ready to start re-designing my living room.  This room is in the front of the house and has a huge window that looks out to the front yard and our street.  When we have the blinds open during the day, this room is very visible to those walking or driving by.

Right Now:
This is Taylor's room. She watches Dora DVDs and has picnic tea parties in this room. We have a futon couch and a recliner in there right now. The TV is not hooked up to cable, only a DVD player.  It is painted yellow.

What I Want:
We are getting a piano similar to this one:

Also, I want to get a new couch.  I have my eye on one, but need to get the measurements to make sure it will fit where I want it.  I also want an accent wall.  I have my heart set on a reclaimed wood wall similar to this:

or this:

I really like how it looks, but am a little worried about the maintenance.  Have any of you put one of these focal points into your house?  I also love that I can marry gray and brown because of the varying tones in the wood.

If I decide not to do a wood wall, I am thinking about a stenciled accent wall like I did in my family room at our old house.

I would do either a light/dark warm gray, or a flat/gloss dark gray/black for the colors. Maybe do the three other walls in the Gobi Desert (tan) that I've used throughout the downstairs, and the accent wall in Manuscript (the gray tone):

Maybe I could do a wood accent art piece?  That would bring both of these colors together.

What are your thoughts?  The couch I am eyeing is gray so I don't want the other three walls to be gray.  Also, I am liking these curtains from IKEA:

Also, Jaden's birthday party is in three weeks. I am kind of on a schedule for this room re-do. Help me out here!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

71 Projects: Pantry Doors... again

A couple of months ago, I transformed my plain, ordinary pantry doors into a sort of command central station for our home.


I have loved the chalkboards every single day since doing them! As you know, my house is a work in progress. I don't know that it will ever be "done," and I am totally fine with that! I love making it our home and putting my special touches on everything. This kitchen, it will make or break me as a DIY-er.  I have big plans, I tell ya!

After I put the chalkboards onto the pantry doors, I found that I had nowhere to put the chalk.  I also got some chalk pens to use on the calendar. All of these were living in a bowl on top of the fridge. I didn't like it because 1) It just looked out of place, and 2) I wanted the girls to be able to reach the chalk so they can create masterpieces on the garage door. I thought about putting the bowl-o-chalk in the pantry, but space was already limited and the dust... well, it just doesn't mix well in my mind with the food in said pantry. I decided to attach some sort of chalk tray to the front pantry door, under the calendar.  I immediately clicked over to because of their FINTORP Rail.  I had these guys in my old house to hang my pots and pans from.

I do not miss that house.

Anyway, those bars have found a new home in my craft room, so I just bought a new one, along with the FINTORP Condiment Stand to put the chalk in.

I have big plans to repaint my kitchen cabinets some day.  Along with the cabinets, I planned to paint the pantry doors.  I thought it would be smart to get that out of the way before I had the bar put on. Then, I wouldn't have to mess with taking it down or painting around it.  I grabbed my go-to colors from my family room and officially started the Great Kitchen Makeover of 2013.

I LOVE IT.  More than words can say.  My kitchen is a happy place right now... only if you are facing the pantry.

I still haven't started the cabinets, but having the pantry doors done is a start!  There is no turning back now!

Some of the details... The FINTORP Condiment Stand from IKEA worked out great! You can see that there is a removable tray in the bottom with holes in it. This allows the chalk dust to not get piled up in the bottom of the tray.  Also, I love that the bucket is easily removable for cleaning.  The girls can reach it perfectly and have already chalked up the garage door :-)

I plan to have {Chalk} cut from black vinyl to put on the front of the bucket.

I also removed and spray painted the little handle holes.  I had planned on putting knobs on, but I'm glad I decided to just paint what I had.

The paint colors I used in this re-do are Behr Premium Plus Ultra: Gobi Desert (710C-3) for the walls and Parchment Paper (710C-1) for the pantry door and trim.  You can buy Behr paints at Home Depot.

Sharing this re-do with the readers at Adorned From Above and If It's Not Baroque.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Dilemma

Mike and I are beyond excited to actually move into our new home!  We are only days (possibly today or tomorrow) away!  Naturally, I've been stuck in the universe that is Pinterest and Houzz, looking for ideas for our new place.  My plan is to get the girls' rooms done and then RELAX a bit.  There is so much I want to do to the house, but first I want to take a breather.  My spring project will be the kitchen/dining room/family room.  Right now, it is pretty outdated.  The cabinets are dark, the paint is dark, the wood paneling in the family room is dark.  I need to lighten it up a bunch!  For as long as I've been collecting Pottery Barn catalogs, and from way back in the day when I was probably the only 15-year-old subscribing to Metropolitan Home magazine, I've wanted white kitchen cabinets.  When I lived in an apartment, I obviously couldn't paint them.  When we moved into the Bolton house, everyone raved about how wonderful my beautiful oak cabinets were (gag!) Now, I'm painting them!  They are mine and they aren't "beautiful oak."  BUT, do I keep them painted white, or do I glaze them?  Do I go with stark white or opt for an antique white? Here are some of my inspiration photos, courtesy of, of course!

This is a good glazed example:

Here is an antique white:

I think this next one is one of my favorites.  It is also very representative of how my three areas all blend into one.

Here is another glazed example:

This next is also a big favorite.  I like the wall color with the white cabinets in this next photo.

The next one is a little TOO white, but I do love those drum lights, no?

After looking through the photos again, I think I'm leaning a little toward the white or antique white cabinets instead of the glazed.  I know that the glazed look would hide a lot of the fingerprints and dirt, but I think that I could stay on top of it and keep them looking nice... I don't know!  What do you think?