Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something Blue

Yeah, yeah... I know I said I would blog this book on Monday, but I just HAD to finish it!

Something Blue by Emily Giffin was the continuation of Something Borrowed. I was really excited to start reading it because I had developed such a strong liking for Rachel and Dex in the first book. I was anxious to read more about their life together so you can imagine the shock and slight disappointment I felt when I discovered that this story was from Darcy's point of view! I didn't like Darcy very well in Something Borrowed. I guess you could say I related more on Rachel's personality level. Darcy was so annoying and self-centered. After reading this book from cover to cover, I can honestly say that I DO love Darcy Rhone now because of the person she genuinely BECAME.

Ok, I'll try to tell you about the story without ruining it because you MUST read it (only AFTER reading Something Borrowed)!

Darcy was a live in the moment type of girl. She worked as a PR agent in New York City. Everything to her was about image. She had it all, and if she didn't she would do whatever it took, nevermind others' feelings, doing what was "right", or how it would effect her in the end. Her perfect little world came crushing down around her when she lost her fiancé, Dex, and she found out she was pregnant! She was too ashamed and embarrassed to stay in New York, so she escaped to London to visit her childhood friend, Ethan (you meet him in the first book as a close friend to Rachel).

When Darcy got to London, she was dead set on re-creating her glamorous life along with meeting a rich Englishman, despite her growing belly. What she actually finds is so much more important than her closet full of Jimmy Choos; the true meaning of friendship and love.

SUCH a good read! Again, * * * * * for this one!! Emily Giffin actually has a couple more books out but unfortunately, they do not involve Darcy or Rachel. I'll still read those someday, but next on my list is Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. I'll blog this one on July 7th so if you are going to read with me, get it this weekend! Click here to get a coupon for 20% off at Borders :o)

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