Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday at work, I needed to use the restroom.  When I was done, I went to flush the toilet with my left foot but there was a lot of condensation on the handle and my foot slipped and I almost fell into the flushing toilet!  There are no handicap bars in the stall so I grabbed onto the toilet paper dispenser with my right hand and my left one caught the toilet seat.  SO scary!  I can only imagine what would have happened if I didn't catch myself...
We took Jaden to the pediatrician for her 15 month check-up yesterday.  She is 30 pounds, 4 ounces, and is 34 inches tall!  She was perfectly fine until Dr. Sauer tried to look in her ears.  FORGET IT!  She fought HARD!  He said not to worry... the 18 month check-up is usually worse.  Great!  Then we had to go to the lab for a lead and anemia test.  She did not even whimper when she got her tiny little finger pricked!  She got a cookie for that one!
OH!!  Last night, we discovered that Ty had been peeing on a floor pillow in the basement!  That cat!  Let me tell you... when we lived in our apartment, he got mad at us because we declawed all four of his paws at once (mean, I know) so he rebelled by going to the bathroom behind the entertainment center.  After we gave him litter again (he had to have shredded newspaper for a while), he was fine... for a while.  He THEN started peeing on a floor pillow.  I washed it and got the smell out and he never did it again!  Then we moved into our house and he started peeing on the papasan chair.  We tried to clean it but he just kept going back to it.  We had to end up throwing it away.  No problems with him for a LONG time until a few weeks back, I noticed that a toy of his had been peed on a lot (it was near the litter box so we never really noticed it).  I threw it away and that was the end of that!  Until last night when Mike went downstairs to get the guitars for Guitar Hero.  He said he noticed a pee smell and saw that one side of the floor pillow (a different one than at the apartment) looked wet.  I went down to check and lifted it to find it had soaked through.  Mike lifted it up and the entire back of this 3 foot square floor pillow was soaked!  DISGUSTING!  Like everything else, we threw it away!  We SOAKED the carpet in Nature's Miracle.  There were no stains (luckily) and Mike said there was no odor this morning so we will see... If we didn't love those dumb cats so much (I wonder why sometimes) he would be OUT. 
Other than all of that, I don't think there is much blog-worthy activity going on in the wonderful life of Shannon right now... Mike and I are going to Lowes to buy a door handle tonight so I MIGHT have a story for tomorrow ;o)

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Gramma J said...

oh no....another scary movie scene!!!

I can't wait to hear how Mike Vila does putting on the new door handle! I know you can do it, Bob...err...Mike!