Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!!

I got out of bed at 6:20 this morning (I know... I slept in!) to the lovely sound of my beeping alarm clock!  Some of you may wonder why I'm so happy about this.  Well my friends, it is because it was not the sound of Jaden crying that woke me up!  For the first time in two weeks, Miss J slept all night long!!  I hope hope HOPE her stuffy nose is FINALLY getting better.  I was rubbing Orajel on her gums last night and MAN is that left side HUGE and so hard (I know, I know Mike... that's what she said)!  That second molar is going to pop through any day now! 
Mike and I went car shopping last night.  We found one we really like and are going back tonight to see if we can get them to lower the price a little.  Don't even ask me what kind it was because I completely forget.  I do know it is a Hyundai and it is about the size of Mom and Dad's Escape... Tucson maybe??  Anyway, I told Mike he better get all of his stuff out of his car today in case we buy that other vehicle tonight.  Wow!!  Wouldn't that be useful to haul all of my scrapbooking stuff to Bisque It on Friday?!?!  Don't tell Mike, but keep your fingers crossed for ME and my stuff :o)

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Gramma J said...

yea for Jaden!!!
tell her as soon as that other tooth pops she can stay all night again ;)