Monday, September 15, 2008

Pass the Ketchup!

Not exactly the tomato-y kind... just a little catch up on what's been going on in the world of the McClures!

I had my surgery a week ago Friday. It went great! In fact, all I remember is getting the anesthesia one minute and waking up afterwards the next. I go back to the doctor on October 2 to see how well it actually went. Mike talked to Dr. Boyd afterwards and he sounded pretty optimistic about it so I'm not too worried!

We celebrated Gramma and Grampa's 50th wedding anniversary with them on September 6th. Wow, 50 years!! We all went up near Shipshewana to an Amish family's farm for dinner. It was a great meal! Mike had never eaten Amish made food before and was pretty impressed. It was really nice to get the ENTIRE family together in one place... long enough to get a picture too! Thanks again, Gram and Gramps!!

Last Monday I proved just how much I love my husband. Yes, I went to wrestling. I'll admit that I had a great time with him. He was so excited and kept telling me what I was to expect; how big the wrestlers were, how crazy the fans acted, the story behind "sign guy", etc. I don't know what was cuter... Mike's excitement (even though I know he was holding back... until he got on TV) or the little boy sitting next to me with his fingers in his ears the entire time! It was very loud, I'll give him that... I had fun, but Mike owes me a Dave concert!

Jaden is over her cold now. She still has a runny nose but I think that is due to her teeth. She grew a molar!! Good job, baby!! Poor thing hasn't been sleeping well at all (neither have mom and dad). She is miserable and is trying so hard to feel better. At least the cold is gone though!

Mike was hanging out with Nix on Saturday night so after I put Jaden to bed, I seriously became addicted to HGTV. I don't watch a lot of TV in the summer mainly because all of my regular shows are repeats. I'm telling you, if I would have discovered how interesting this channel was at the beginning of summer, I don't think there would've been quite as many zoo trips! Just kidding... BTW, the zoo closes in a month!

Oh, and Mom emailed me some sad news last week... My saxophone teacher, Mr. Norris, passed away earlier this month. I took private lessons from him for 7 years. He was a great teacher and such a nice man. One memory I have of him is one time during a lesson, I noticed a spider crawling on him. It was just a tiny little thing. I didn't want to interrupt what he was saying so I just ignored it and kind of forgot about it. Next thing I know, the little spider was dropping a web from his goatee! Unfortunately for the poor spider, Mr. Norris danced around in his seat a lot while he played his clarinet. The little guy dropped and most likely was stomped by Mr. Norris's beat-tapping foot :o) Oh, I wish I could have another lesson with Mr. Norris! He was such a happy guy and always so proud of my accomplishments.

That's about it for now! This Friday is our monthly scrap-a-thon! I'm really excited for that :o) Then, this weekend is Johnny Appleseed! A sure sign of fall... Have a great week!!

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Max Teders said...

...and my favorite memory of Mr. Norris was napping in his driveway while you took your lessons!