Thursday, October 16, 2008

HUGE Milestone!

Jaden got her first haircut last night!! Her style was starting to look a little mullet-like so I decided to call my wonderful stylist, Linsday Hackman at Shalorton & Co. Hair Design. She was wonderful with Jaden. Being a new mom, she understood my need to take pictures and save the little curls from dropping to the floor :o) I don't think Mike quite understands still... Jaden was very good until Lindsay moved the chair a little. Jaden then decided she didn't want to sit there anymore so I sat down and held her on my lap. It took about 15 minutes and cost only $5. (Great deal, Grampa Wayne!) Enjoy the pics!!
Jaden wasn't too sure about the cape until she found her hands again.
Not only did she get her first haircut, she also had a taste of her first sucker!
Cutting the curls!!
Too cute!
We had to take the "after" pictures at home because mom's camera died... go figure!
Lindsay completed the look with a little product and a bow :o)
No more mullet!!
This one needs a little more explanation...

I got home from work yesterday and Jaden greeted me at the door in a t-shirt and diaper... Mike was just smiling :o) Apparently, Jaden had been napping for over an hour when Mike heard her "talking" in her room. He walked in to get her and she was sitting in the corner of her bed with the jar of Vaseline. She had grabbed globs of it and had it all over her head. Mike said she was rubbing it on her face and saying, "me-ne" which means "medicine" in Jaden jabber. See, we put Vaseline on her lips and chin at night because she is a little chapped. The only way we get her to sit and let us put it on her is to say it is medicine (she likes medicine... like Tylenol). Mike caught her mid-grab and said "MISS!" He said she then tried to hurry and put the lid back on. He didn't have a camera there so all I could get was a picture of the Vaseline jar with her little "grab" in it. OH how I wish I had seen her!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!


amanda bee said...

i love the new style for Miss Jaden - too cute!!!

Gramma J said...

I love the new cut, Miss J! You are such a big girl!!

(I think Uncle Shane may be a little disappointed to see the mullet go!)

The "me-ne" story is hilarious....just shows how she takes everything in!!! What next? ;)