Monday, October 27, 2008

"It's Exhausting Being This Fabulous"

Ok, so maybe not quite in the same way that Victoria Beckham meant it... This weekend was pretty exhausting! Jaden was sick and a sick Jaden means no sleep for anyone (Jude and Ty included)!! We THOUGHT she had the flu Saturday night because she had a fever and was throwing up. Turns out she was just getting another tooth. It never even occurred to us that her crankiness (using this term VERY lightly) was due to her teething! Here's how our Saturday night went:

7:30 pm Saturday - Bath time for Jaden. She enjoyed it as usual but was a little feverish. Afterwards when I was dressing her for bed, she started to get really clingy.

8:00 pm Saturday - Off to bed for Miss J! We read her "BUMKIN" books and she went to bed perfectly fine.

9:00 pm Saturday - She's UP! I tried to lay in our bed with her but she only wanted to play. It was obvious that she was not going to sleep so I read her books again and tried to put her back to bed.

10:00 pm Saturday - Jaden is up again! This time she is throwing up. I hold her and try to calm her down. After she gets calmed down, I take her out to the family room. She cried and cried.

10:15 pm Saturday - We all head to our bed. We thought she might lay down if we both go to bed too... nope! She cried for a good FIVE HOURS!! She threw up again and this time it got all over her PJs and mine. We both changed our clothes and endured some more crying.

3:30 am Sunday - Jaden FINALLY falls asleep in her own bed! But wait...

4:30 am Sunday - She up again! Not for long this time... maybe a half hour.

6:30 am Sunday - We're up for the day! Jaden is still fussy. We finally get her to drink some juice and she wants some cookies so, seeing as she had nothing in her poor little tummy, I let her have a few Teddy Grahams.

9:00 am Sunday - I called Mom to see if she had any more suggestions... "Could it be her teeth?" BINGO!! Jaden had been telling us she wanted "me-ne" (medicine) but we had already given her Tylenol. She lead us into her bedroom and pointed to her dresser saying "me-ne". I guess she was trying to tell us she needed some Orajel because as soon as I gave her some, she was perfectly fine!!!

9:30 am Sunday - Mike takes his turn going back to sleep. I make coffee and keep one eye open while laying on the couch as Jaden plays and watches cartoons.

12:30 pm Sunday - FINALLY time for naps for Jaden and me!!

Needless to say, Mike and I were very tired come Sunday evening for Tabitha's birthday party! Before we had Jaden, people warned us about not getting any sleep when she was a newborn... HA! I'd take the feed-me-every-four-hours newborn over the teething toddler ANY DAY!


Laura said...

You poor things! I feel so badly for you, Mike and especially Jaden. I remember how frustrating it was when Sarah was too young to communicate what she wanted or needed. But this too shall pass and before you know it, she'll be in Kindergarten getting ready to LOSE her first tooth! Now quit reading your blog comments and GET SOME SLEEP!

amanda bee said...

you poor sleepy girl! i hope tonight goes better. so random question, but where are you ladies all finding these amazing blog templates??? all i can find are icky ones!

amanda bee said...

ok, i sort of fixed up the blog, a little bit - i'm not seeing the cute headers though - can you direct me to those?? yours is SO cute!!!

my new email is:

Max Teders said...

Poor baby! At least she's not sleeping on the bathroom floor! lol