Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Queen

Now do you see why I LOVE spending time with my little princess? Jaden is so much fun! Last night we were getting her ready for a bath... I could only hold on to her long enough to snatch the clothes. She went and got her crown and I immediately ran to get my camera. I KNEW we were definitely about to have a scrapbook moment!! Boy, was I ever right!
Then, she tried to share with Jude. He eventually got up and started to walk away (after being poked in the eye with the crown several times, I'm sure). Jaden walked after him with the crown pleading, "please... Jude, PLEEEASE!" She loves that cat!

1 comment:

Gramma J said...

What a HOOT!!!
Jude deserves an extra treat for being her playmate!
Jaden sure makes scrapbooking fun and easy!