Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Super SWEET Tutorial

I have a super SWEET post for my first 2010 tutorial! I got this idea from Becca at Blue Cricket with her Christmas Pop Top post!

The first step is actually to get a soup can (Campbells Chunky) that has a pull tab top. Open the can with a can opener ON THE BOTTOM. I left the bottom attached a little bit. Dump (and eat, of course) the contents and wash well.

Next, I took coordinating paper and cut it to size.
I dressed the paper up a bit with stamps, distressing and some writing.
I then applied a generous amount of Mod Podge to the back of the paper and adhered it to the can.
I covered the entire outside of the can with another layer of Mod Podge.
Then, I stamped and distressed some tags to attach.
I wrote the name of the contents on each tag. I PLANNED on writing the recipe on the back but I finished this Christmas gift project on CHRISTMAS EVE, so that didn't happen ;o)
I wrapped my treats in wax paper so they wouldn't get all gross when I glued the bottom of the can on.
Which leads me to the next step: glue the bottom shut!
Tie some ribbon to the top, attach the tags, and there you have it!
Did I forget to mention my helpers?? You absolutely HAVE to have two adorable helpers to make this treat even sweeter :o)Ok, Taylor's seat was seriously not about to fall off the counter. The angle of the picture totally makes me lose my "Mom-of-the-Year" badge. First of all, it is nearly impossible to tip a Bumbo and second, the counter side angles to there was plenty of space to the right of the seat.
Jaden's job was to decorate the chocolate covered pretzels.

The treats that we put in our cans were Chocolate Almond Biscotti, White and Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and Sweet Mysteries (a crunchy cookie with a chocolate center... forgot to get a picture of those).

My mouth is watering! Yours?


Gramma J said...

very cute idea......this would be cute party favor for kid's party. use smaller cans, fill with candy or trinkets.
But even cuter.....those two girls are just too cute (ok, i'm bias, but it's true) and they are so lucky to have a mom like you!

Dollface said...

She is so adorable in that little seat.. and how creative are you with the soup cans.... i love how the little one is helping you back! xxxoo

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I get so many ideas from you. Very creative. I am going to attempt the countertop makeover. How is yours holding up?

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design said...

AHHH! SO cute! they turned out great! I'll have to link them to my "Inspired by BCD" post!

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Hey! What a great use for the ribbon. It looks kind of familiar. :) I like the idea as well. Thanks for sharing

amanda bee said...

I had a dream last night you became a professional blogger... I hope it comes true b/c you have a super wonderful blog! Love the little goodie containers!

Llama said...

adorable ideas! you are too cute girl!

Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

I love these, they look wonderful!!!