Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit...

We're at 8 weeks now (a little past since I'm behind on my blogging)...

February has got to be the WORST month of the whole year! Maybe that is why it is only 28 days. It is miserable outside! I admit, around Thanksgiving or a little after, I look forward to snow covered ground. I anticipate a white Christmas (not an ice-covered one)!! By January, I'm a little tired of the snow and cold but it still doesn't bother me THAT much. Come February, I DREAD going outside! I want Spring to come! It IS supposed to warm up a little this week. Hopefully most of this snow will melt. Heck, I'd even take a thunderstorm right about now and if you know me, you know I'm SCARED of bad storms!! More than anything else in the world, I am looking forward to grilling out and playing with Jaden in the yard. I feel like those days are SOOOO FAR AWAY!!! There are only 24 more days until March. I know we will probably have some cold days in March too, but we KNOW Spring is SOOO close! Ugh... Hang in there!

Hey, by the way, tomorrow is Go Red for Women Day! It's a day to wear red to support a heart healthy life :o) Heart disease kills so many people each year... So, wear red tomorrow and don't have a greasy cheeseburger for lunch ;o) I will have my favorite red shirt on, SERIOUSLY. ;o)

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Gramma J said...

That is the cutest little bean I have ever seen! I don't remember, was Jaden that cute?

I am ready for Spring have forced me to set up a CDC (count down calendar) for Spring.
And I think we will have a "Spring Fling" at the Studio! Be sure to call and make a reservation! ;)