Monday, March 23, 2009


Wow! I am in love!! Gramps introduced me to a dressing a while back called, Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette. I never could find it at Kroger or Scott's but knew that he got it at Sam's Club. I finally sent Mike to get it for me about a month ago. It has sat in my fridge since then because it really hasn't been salad weather. Well, today I brought a salad to work for lunch and it was SO good! Then, I had some left over so I used it as a dip for pretzels.... HEAVENLY!!! I'm going to try it as a marinade on chicken this week. I'm HOOKED!

The curse of threes is back! This one is funny though... not bad like mom's "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days." Take a second to look at Laura's and Dad's blog... they both had a little encounter with wildlife this weekend... and so did we!! Technically our encounter was with domesticated wildlife, but nonetheless. Yesterday while Jaden was napping, Mike and I were cutting coupons and deciding on our dinner menu for the week (fingers crossed, Mom) when all of a sudden, Ty starts going nuts!! We look out the window and see that there is a black cat coming through the fence from our neighbor's yard. Ty is acting like he is about to jump through the window and attack this cat! We try to wake Jude up and point out the cat to him. He had no idea what we were pointing at (why can't cats follow pointing??) but knew that brother was pretty upset about SOMETHING! So, Jude picks his big 'ol booty up off the couch and goes over to console Ty and Ty starts meowing and hissing! The cat goes behind our shed and Ty takes off sprinting through the house to try to see it. Dumb cat goes to the front window :o) Haha!! He finally comes back and by this time, Jude has spotted the stray. They are BOTH sitting on the same TINY little corner of the couch, bumping heads (they looked like they were playing that hand stacking game with their heads... you know, the one where one person puts their hand on top of yours and then you pull your hand from the bottom and put it on top and so on...), trying to get a look at this oblivious cat whom has now laid in the mulch for a little cat nap. Jude and Ty were NOT going to take their eyes off of that cat until it left! Needless to say, Mike and I lost interest before they did and went to the store (after Jaden woke up). They weren't in the same spot when we got back so I can't tell you how it ended.

Ok, uncrossing fingers (which, by the way, means I have something I want to say but don't want to lose my train of thought)... A while back, Mom and I went together and bought a Bind It All machine. It is a nifty scrapbooking tool that allows you to punch and bind books. It's pretty cool what can be done with it! Well anyway, I made a grocery list notebook this weekend! (You'll be SO jealous, Kelly!) Kelly gave me the genius idea of making a categorized grocery list so you can find things faster in the store. I took it one step further and actually mapped out Scott's at Dupont. I have a different section for each aisle. It make shopping with a toddler SO EASY! I printed off about 100 lists and made a VERY cute cover, complete with a pocket for coupons, and bound it all with our nifty little machine! We gave it a shot on Sunday and it was AMAZING! I didn't have to use a box of pasta to support my list as I crossed thing off. The ONLY think I need to tweak is the whole pen situation. I'm going to attach one with a ribbon so I don't have to shove it in my back pocket. It was GREAT though :o) We didn't forget a single thing!!

Overall, our weekend was great! I didn't get much done with baby's room on Saturday though. BUT, you better believe that while Jaden was napping on Sunday (before the whole cat fiasco), I went out shopping for girl room stuff!! I'm SO excited to have two little pig-tailed cuties running around the house!! It's so hard to really get into doing the room with Jaden undoing everything I get done. I may just need to take a day off work ;o) It is coming along though and I know I do still have PLENTY of time :o) Which reminds me, we are selling our Foosball table... anyone interested??

Happy Monday!!

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Gramma J said...

wow....that was a little bit of everything! Of course I followed it completely....those of you that didn't, not to worry. All I can say is it just proves you're my daughter! ;)
btw, finger crossing does work....caught myself doing it in the shower the other night! hehe