Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There is something about Mondays that just wears the heck out of me! Last night, I barely made it through Dancing With The Stars and was SO looking forward to crashing! Well, little miss had other things in mind! Kelly and Marissa stopped by last night to check out Taylor's room and Jaden was beyond happy to see her buddy!! She was so wound up... not from playing, just from the fact that Marissa was at her house! Pretty much as soon as they left, Jaden started to wind down and get ready for bed. We read a few stories and I tucked her in. This was at like 8:30-8:45. I checked on her before I went to bed around 10:00 and she was just sitting up in bed! I went and got her a drink and told her it was night night time. She laid back down and I thought all was good... A couple of hours later, I hear, "MAW!" I go in there and she's awake! I again tell her that it's time for bed and she again lays down. Another couple of hours go by and we're at it again! Off and on ALL NIGHT LONG!! Finally at like 5:15, I sent Mike in there. Usually I go in there because she knows that if Dad comes in, it's time to get up. I didn't care though. I was exhausted and wanted my last 45 minutes. Well, Mike never came back and all I could hear was Miss J reading The Foot Book. SO... I went in there and Mike is sleeping in her bed with her and she's just reading to him :o) I told him to go ahead and go to our bed with her. There was no way I was going to fall back into a deep sleep for another half hour. Mike turned cartoons on for her and by the time I left at 7:00, they were both sound asleep! Needless to say, I stopped at Panera for some caffeine :o) I felt like I had a newborn again! Maybe she's just getting us ready :o)

Speaking of getting ready... I get to take my 4 month belly pic this weekend... I've seemed to really pop out this month! Last time, the biggest difference was between months 4 and 5. I also think I started wearing maternity pants around 4 months. I have noticed her moving around earlier than I did with Jaden! Last night, she was flipping around like crazy!

Flurries are in the forecast AGAIN for today! I am seriously falling into a seasonal depression! I want the sun and warmth and to be able to get Jaden's pool out! I want to grill out and go to the zoo! My skin is seriously the color of glue. I need some sun!!! This morning, I found that my sock had a hole in it. Instead of getting another pair, I wanted so bad to throw the flip flops on and head out the door but sandals and sweaters don't mix :o( Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

Thanks so much to Shari, Mom, Kelly, Tia, and Jackie for participating in my fun little game!! Email me your addresses, #1 and #4! My email is shannon.mcclure@fwcs.k12.in.us. I've already started thinking about what fun things I can make all of you! I just have a couple of questions... Shari: Favorite colors?? Tia: Ellie's shoe size?? Jax: In your house, do accessorize in black or brown, and what year did you and Aub get together? I think that's it!! Happy Tuesday (really like Wednesday) everyone!


Dollface said...

hey! Send me an email to my gmail so I can write you my address when I get off of work shariallison@gmail.com, oooo and I love blue and brown, weird i know!! thanks so much... and i hate this weather too, xoxox

Gramma J said...

LOVE your new banner!!

So I take it that Jaden is grounded from having friends visit on work nights!

Kelly said...

LOL!!! Mike falling asleep in Jaden's bed sounds ALL too familiar. Matt and I both go in there an do that when she's up early. We can't wait for the zoo either! I've hit the tanning bed recently to avoid the "death" I've acquired this winter. I feel your pain.