Monday, May 11, 2009

My Top 5

Wow! Spring is a busy, busy time! Two years ago, I had a Get Out of Jail FREE card for all of my spring chores... they have all backed up now and I'm stuck with tons to do :o)

We HAVE to get our pipe fixed so we can get water outside! Sure, I could water my plants with a watering can all summer... I might even be able to fill Jaden's pool with buckets of WARM water (wouldn't that be nice??), but the whole sprinkler issue would be a little hard. I don't think she would go for me just pouring water over her head from the watering can :o) Besides if and when we decide to sell our house, the new homeowners might want that fixed!

We have a leak in our bathroom sink. Actually, it has been leaking since we moved in. It is just a drip that ONLY drips when we have the water running, so we just wrapped a towel around it three years ago and have been waiting for Gramps to fix it (we actually forgot about it after a while). Well, a drip here and there over three years starts to soak through a towel. Mike's dad tried to fix it but it still leaks. Looks like a job for a pro to me!

Our stupid toilet absolutely loves it's job! It never wants to stop running! No, we can't just jiggle the handle... tried it, doesn't work. We have to lift the top of the tank off EVERY time we flush to stop it manually. It's super annoying. Again, Mike's dad has fixed it twice but it is just a stubborn, hard working toilet!

The ice storm last winter tore apart our trees. Most of the limbs have broken off and fallen to the ground. There are a few HUGE ones that are just kind of hanging there. I really want them cut off before we start getting those strong spring storms. It would be just our luck for one of them to crash through our house or car. Again, a job for the pros.

I have high hopes for my back yard this summer! Dad got me some great plants for Mother's Day. I NEED to get them in dirt tomorrow! We also need to get new mulch and get the weeds killed and the edging pulled up. It's a tough job! Especially considering it is getting hard for me to bend at the waist for long periods of time :o) We have two weeks left to get all of this done because we are having a Memorial Day cookout and want it to be all pretty by then!

Yeah, yeah, I know I still have time. The thing is, I ONLY have left to do in her room is the closet to paint! That's it! I just need to get my butt in gear and DO it! Then I need to get Jaden's old clothes out and washed so baby Taylor has some fresh, clean things to wear. I also need to get Jaden's new toy box finished so I can paint her old one for Taylor. It's a never ending process :o) Four months seems like a long time, but it will be here before we know it!!
Day care is the monkey on our backs. I have no clue who we are going to have watch the girls when I go back to work after my leave. We can't afford a public daycare. Period. They are OUTRAGEOUS!! Hopefully after paying for in-home daycare for a couple of years, Mike will see that it really would be beneficial for me to quit my job and open my own daycare full time!

This job will probably be on the back burner until the day we decide to sell our house. We have two gigantic holes in our ceiling from skylights that were removed. I know we are just going to have to hire a contractor to come fill them and re-do our ceiling, but it is going to be SUCH a project! Maybe we could hire someone to house-sit for us the weekend we are getting it fixed, and go on a mini-vacation :o) Then, when we get back, everything will be done! I hate postponing this job, but I hate thinking about how much it is going to cost even more. Yuck...

Speaking of my Top 5, I sent one of my homemade gifts off last Thursday! I hope you and Ellie enjoy your surprises, Tia!! Everyone else, you are soon to follow! Remember, I said I wanted until August to get them done :o) Oh and I wanted to take a picture of the things I made so I could post that, but I forgot! Can you take one, Tia? Thanks!


Dollface said...

I hope you get all of your stuff done.. but dont stress out over it... and I cant wait till mine comes :) xxoo

Tia said...

We got it on Sat and LOVE it! I mean, love, love, love it! Thank you so much. I am wearing the bracelet as we speak!

Thanks so much!!

I will be sure to take a pic and send it to you.