Monday, June 1, 2009

Pics Galore!

As I said in my last post, I've been SUPER busy at work lately. Commencement is coming up and I've had LOTS of things to do to get ready for it! After sitting at a computer all day, the last thing I want to do when I get home is get online... sorry! Here's what you've been missing out on!!

Saturday, May 23rd
Jaden helping her dad mow the yard.

After my kids got their yard work done, we went to Dalen and Laura's for a cookout. Laura took Jaden on a go-cart ride... She won't go near a swing but she'll ride a go-cart... Sometime I just can't figure her out! Thanks for bringing out the dangerous side in her, Laura! Oh, and do you see a future career, Bob?

Sunday, May 24th
We took Jaden to the zoo. I am enjoying going on Sundays now since we don't have the lake to go to anymore. Mike gets to come with us!
Jaden fed the ducks (and geese) right out of her hand! Not even Gramma J can do that!!

After the zoo trip (and a nap), we had family over for a Memorial Day cookout.

Saturday, May 30th
Since Jaden's birthday is in April and Hannah's is in June, Erin and I decided to get together in May and have a birthday play date! First, we took the girls to Build-A-Bear.
Here they are picking out the perfect heart for their bears. They had a really tough time deciding which one to pick (even though they are all the same)...

Jaden stuffing her bear...
Here she is hugging her bear too make sure it has just the right amount of stuffing in it!
Now she is rubbing the heart in her hands to warm it up...
Hannah's turn! Stuff that bear...
Warming the heart...
After the bears were all made, they got to give them an air bath and brush them so they were all nice and fluffy. This was their FAVORITE part!!

Next, they got to name their bears and print a birth certificate for them. Jaden named hers Carebear and I think Hannah named hers Nala. Can you tell which cartoons/movies they love the most right now??
Jaden with her bear! It was a successful trip :o)
Next, we grabbed some McDonalds/Taco Bell and headed to our house for lunch and presents!

Jaden was VERY pleased with her new T-ball set!! Thanks so much, Erin and Hannah!!

Jaden got Hannah a sprinkler and a new dress.

Time to try out the new toys!!

They didn't even care that the water was FREEZING!!!

It was a FUN day!! Jaden and I can't wait for the next play date... I think we are heading to Muncie soon!
Then, big news at the McClure house on Saturday night... Jaden pottied in the big girl potty!!! Mike and I are SO proud of our little punkin... now, to get her to do it again...
I finished Taylor's room this past weekend. I was going to post pictures but wanted to put the before shots too... I'll do it later tonight, I PINKY-SWEAR!!
That's about it! Just the normal day-to-day stuff that makes me the luckiest girl in the world :o)


Dollface said...

This is sooo sweet!! Ive missed posts like this from you... xxxooo

fuzbukt said...

Future career?

You bet!

First female Sprint Cup champion.

All you need now is a NASCAR T-shirt for her