Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Spongebob Celebration!

Last Wednesday night, we told Jaden that if she was good at Gramma's house on Thursday, and if she took a good nap, we would go to the toy store! Well, she was an angel to off to Toy's R Us we went! We told her she could pick out one toy to take home with her; anything she wanted... well, instead, she decided to poop. So, we went out to the car to change her and she said she wanted to go to the "ball store" (Target). We went to Target and told her the same thing; she could pick out one toy to take home with her. This is what she picked:
Out of ALL the toys there, the picked this tiny little $5 Dora doll :o) She LOVES her!

On Saturday, we had plans to go to Border's for a Spongebob birthday celebration!
Jaden made sure she was nice and pretty for the party!
We started the celebration a little early and had Spongebob Mac & Cheese for lunch. She ate it one piece at a time and NAMED each piece before she ate it... it took FOREVER!
I think this one is Patrick.

We got to Border's and she was SO EXCITED!
Her first "organized" story time. She was younger than most of the other kids so she didn't quite get the point of sitting quietly and listening. She was naming the characters in the book... and of course repeating herself until Mom and I repeated what she was saying.
Having a little cookie and iced chocolate milk snack! (I did get my hair chopped off... see?)
More storytime!
Next was a fun game of hot potato...
Then, she colored a Patrick picture!
Gramma J helped her cut it out...
She taped it to a stick to make a Patrick puppet! Only, Jaden thought it was a pinwheel and kept telling me to blow it...
In the end, she got a Patrick doll :o) We had a lot of fun!!
Although I could have done without the 48 HOUR Spongebob marathon on Nick though!!


Gramma J said...

Thanks for inviting me to the Spongebob party, Jaden!
And I love her two new friends (the perfect size, right Mike?)

Dollface said...

she is so friggin cute!! How are you doing lady with the new baby to be?? hope all is well, xxooo

Lala said...

Wow, she gets bigger with every picture you post! You DID get your hair cut! Well?? Do you like it? Love it?!? I hope it's made life just a tad bit easier! Looks cute from the back! ;)

Shauna said...

Whats funny is that I am sitting here with my daughter on my lap and she is watching spongebob on tv.
Also I love you hair. It looks so cut.

a H.I.T. said...

Her smile is so freakin' cute!

Kalie said...

Shannon I love the hair!! I want to see it in person. I can't believe how cute Miss J is.