Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Years!!

On Wednesday, Mike and I celebrated our three year anniversary!

Our honeymoon to Riviera Maya, Mexico. You can't really read it in the picture, but my shirt says "Just Married" and Mike's says "Game Over."

To celebrate, I took the day off work to hang out with Mike and Jaden (he already gets Wednesdays off). We took Jaden to see a movie at the theater for the first time. We took her to see "Horton Hears a Who" a.k.a. "elephant movie on the BIIIIIGGGGG T.V."
She got a little scared of the seat. It kept closing up on her :o) We sat in the first row behind the bar so she stood for most of the movie. She does this at home too, so really it wasn't anything out of the ordinary!
Patiently waiting for the movie to start.
She LOVED it!! We sat at the end of a row in case she got too antsy and we had to leave. She was perfect though and completely entertained for the whole 90 minutes!
Later that evening, Karen watched Jaden and Mike and I went to dinner at Red Lobster... I think I'm STILL stuffed!! It was SOOO good!

After dinner, we spent a quiet evening at home watching a movie (I did some scrapbooking too!)

Remember I said I was at a loss for a leather gift for Mike? Well, I went with the golf glove and gift certificate for 18 holes. Of course, he LOVED it! Oh, and guess what he got me?!?! MICHAEL BOLTON TICKETS!!! AND, he is going with me!! He had told me this a couple of weeks ago so I could get the tickets and so I didn't find anyone else to go with me. I assumed this was all I was getting (and was PERFECTLY fine with that), but he surprised me with a leather gift too :o) I got an iPod case!

It was a fun anniversary... cheers to many more!!


amanda bee said...

happy anniversary to you two!!! you guys are precious together.

and thank you SO much for your sweet note - it means alot to me. and while i would NEVER wish any new home owners difficult times in their new homes, it means alot to know we are not alone and that homeownership is a journey - not to sound cheesy, but it really did mean alot to me. thank you friend. happy friday deary - hope you have something fun planned for the weekend!

Tia said...

Happy Anniversary! And Ellie has that orange outfit too...!

Dollface said...

Happy anniversary!! Awwww..... yay! xxxoooo

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a good one!