Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Next!!

Remember WAY back when I said I knew someone having a baby every month (except November) through the end of the year (now into the beginning of next year)? Well, Miss Leanne had her sweet little baby boy yesterday! Congrats Franks family!! That means I am next on the baby list :o) I went to the doctor yesterday and everything checked out great! My blood pressure was a little high (for me) at 120/78. I know that is pretty darn close to normal, but I am always super low... I mean like barely alive low. Dr. wasn't concerned since it is a normal blood pressure. Baby's heartbeat was a strong 144. I asked him if there was ANY chance he got my due date wrong and I was actually farther along than we think... nope. Still on track for September 12th!

Jaden is feeling better! Her nose is barely running anymore. She only gagged once during dinner last night but didn't throw up... good thing considering we were out for dinner!

All is well for now! I'm dreading the mid-90s heat expected for this weekend... I think J and I will hang out in the basement on Saturday :o) Have a great weekend and keep cool!!

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