Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Workload

Wow!! What a BUSY weekend!! I don't think I have EVER worked as hard as I did on Saturday and Sunday IN MY LIFE!

On Saturday morning, Jaden and I were greeted with the newest addition to the McClure household... A NEW FRIDGE!! You can't even begin to understand the excitement I had when we bought this thing! We have had a nasty, leaky old, out-dated fridge since we moved into our house 3 YEARS AGO! We never replaced it because 1: They are kind of pricey and things like leaky roofs and damaged trees took priority... Gotta love Indiana weather! And 2: We hadn't planned on being in this house this long so we figured why buy a new fridge for someone else. Well, we refinanced our house and in turn, get to skip a mortgage payment for two months! We immediately decided to spend the money and get a new fridge! I wanted black but couldn't justify spending $150 extra JUST for the color. How dumb. Anyway, it came early Saturday morning! Here is Jaden arranging her magnets on the front...

When the Lowe's guys moved the old fridge out, I was SO embarrassed! There was enough cat hair under the fridge to coat an entire third cat! As soon as I could squeeze in there, I was on my hands and knees, frantically scrubbing the floor. Like I said, the fridge was leaky so some of the hair actually made a paste-like substance and was stuck pretty good. I did get it all before they brought the new one in. This one has wheels so it can easily be moved out to clean underneath.
After the new one was in place and I got all of the food out of the coolers and back into the fridge, I had to mop because the movers left a nice dirty water trail from the kitchen, through the dining room, to the garage door. I figured that I might as well just clear out all of the furniture and do a deep clean while I was at it! In the middle of my cleaning, Jaden decided that she wanted mac & cheese NOW! It was right at that moment where I started to feel a little overworked and got a queasy feeling like I was going to pass out. I called Mom and had her try to talk to Jaden so I could cool off a bit and try to catch my breath... did I mention I'm about to have a baby any day now?? I finally quit shaking long enough to get the poor starving child some lunch (it was like an hour before she normally eats...). She was content and I started to feel better. After lunch, I laid her down for a nap and started scrubbing the kitchen. I took EVERYTHING off of the counters and Soft Scrubbed the crap out of them! They look great!! Well, as great as out-dated counter tops can look... I scrubbed the sink, the cabinets, under the sink, all of the counter top appliances, microwave, EVERYTHING! When Jaden woke up, I got the mopping and dusting finished and got all of the furniture back into place in the dining room. Then, I tackled the living room. Next was the bathroom floor. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush... WORTH IT!! It looks brand new! When Mike got home from work, he vacuumed the basement and brought it upstairs for me to vacuum both of the girls' rooms.
On Sunday, I pulled all of the rotted, old caulk out from around the bathtub and Mike and I completely re-caulked it. Then, I took the corner shelf thing (that is MADE for the shower, yet is a rusted piece of junk) outside and power sprayed and scrubbed it to get all of the old paint and rust off, then I re-spray painted it. Looks brand new! Mike and I also moved all of the furniture in the family room and swept and mopped in there. I love my cats, but DANG they shed a lot!!
It was a VERY productive weekend! My only regret was doing everything barefooted on Saturday! My feet were so swollen, it hurt to have SOCKS on! Sunday was better :o) Needless to say, I slept like a rock last night! It was the best nights sleep I have had in probably 8 months! I felt great last night too! This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and NOT depressed that it was Monday! Tonight, Ashley and I are painting piggy banks for our new babies :o)
Speaking of babies... I'm feeling great (today, anyway). I go back to the Dr. on Thursday. Who knows what we'll find out then?!?! Honestly, I'm hoping he'll say I've dilated another cm or two and that I should schedule a time to come to the hospital, BUT if little miss is NOT ready to make her appearance yet, I will wait. I'm just so. tired. of. being. PREGNANT! I am physically uncomfortable and SO excited to meet this little thing!! I'll keep you posted though!!


Llama said...

Your blog is soooo cute! I can't believe you did all of that when you are about to have a baby! You are SUPERMOM!
p.s. ongrats on the new fridge!

Lala said...

Lady, you are a true inspiration! I wish I was even half as motivated. I know what's it like to start one cleaning project and be inspired to do it all. I figure, if you start you may as well go full force and do it all!

Tia said...

aww, nesting at it's finest! I remember cleaning out the attic when I was 3 days from my due date. I was carrying stuff from the attic to the basement. I don't know why. It just (in my pregnant mind) HAD TO BE DONE!

Thinking of you!

Dollface said...

New fridge!! nice :) When I moved I cant tell you how much dog hair was there and dust, yuck!!! xxxxoo