Thursday, September 3, 2009

This, That, and the Other

Yes, I'm still pregnant. I had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday and he said I am 2 cm, 50% thinned out, so the contractions I've been having AREN'T just a pain in the you-know-what! TMI alert: I lost my M.P. in the shower last night (sorry, Mom... don't ask, Shane). I won't go into details on that one... you're welcome. Dr. said that IF I am still pregnant at my next appointment (next Tuesday), we can make an appointment to get this kid outta me! My last day of work is tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Wish me luck... the day is quickly approaching!!

Jaden is SO ready to be potty trained! We have put this off for this long only because she is going to 5 different places, 5 days a week. I figured it would be hard for her and not consistent so have held off until I can get her into a routine. We have been having her sit on her potty before she gets in the bath but up until Tuesday night, she had only went once. On Tuesday, she refused to get off the potty. She kept saying she had to pee. I sat there and waited... and waited... and waited... and FINALLY heard a tinkling sound! Mike just happened to be standing in the doorway at that moment and naturally, we both got super excited for her! We were clapping, cheering, offering high fives, and what does little miss modest do??? She yelled "STOP!" and started to cry! Apparently she was a little embarrassed :o) She was excited to dump it in the big potty though. Last night, she told us again that she had to pee. She sat on the potty for, not joking, 20 minutes!! Not a drop. I finally convinced her to get up and get a diaper on because it was definitely bed time. About a half hour later, she called us in her room and was in a fit of tears, "I pee! I pee!" I get her up and take her to the potty only to find she went in her diaper already. She still insisted on sitting there. So, we've realized that she is definitely ready to give it a serious try. I've got the Pull-Ups. I've got the Baby Legs (thanks again, Amanda!). I've definitely got the time! Time to catch the train :o)

I read on AOL last night that my man, Danny Gokey, has signed a country recording deal?!?! Country, really? I'm a little bummed but have high hopes that he'll be more Rascal Flatts-country and less twangy-sob-story-country. What he SHOULD do is remake some great classics in a country style. His version of Endless Love (that I have been known to repeatedly listen to on my iPod for hours at a time) STILL gives me goose bumps! Either way, I'll definitely be buying his CD!

I love my house right now. The best thing that has come from this pregnancy (so far... obviously the best thing is still waiting to show her pretty face!) is this funny little thing called nesting! I have transformed two of my least favorite rooms into GREAT living spaces (still have a foosball table for sale), turned a closet that WAS a room, back into a room, and made a ton of super crafty, not to mention SUPER useful little projects to make life a little easier! I LOVE IT! If it wasn't for the whole crappy feelings, getting bigger, and of course, producing a child, I'd want to get pregnant again!! Not a chance though :o) I still have pictures to post but time just seems to be getting away from me...

One last thing... HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY JUDE (and Lucy)!!! I'll have birthday party pictures to post at a later date :o)

Have a safe holiday weekend, everyone! Baby pics are coming soon, I PROMISE!!!


Tia said...

Good luck! Will be thinking of you!

Dollface said...

Happy almost baby! I am so excited for the little one and potty training. Shes so precious that she cried when you guys were clapping.. cant wait to meet the new addition!! xxxooo s*

LeeAnn said...

No baby yet??? Any day now!