Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Legs!

I'm showing and telling over at Blue Cricket today :o) See the button --->

If you have kiddos, you'll definitely want to make millions of baby leg warmers.... yes, boys can wear them too! They are super simple to make. They actually only take about 10 minutes!

First, start with a pair of adult knee socks. If you want longer leg warmers for older kids, try finding some over-the-knee socks. Target has a great selection. Since this was my first time, I just bought a pair of white socks for $1.00 at Wal-Mart.

Next, cut the foot off of the sock. Then cut the toe and heel off of the foot part. You can throw away the toe and heel.

Then, take the smaller section of the sock (the foot part) and cut it length-wise.

Then, take the section you just cut and sew the sides together, inside-out. Are you understanding this, I'm using my hands to talk as I describe what I'm doing, but you can't see me!

Ok, now pay attention because this part is slightly confusing. The small section that you just sewed is going to be the bottom cuff of your leg warmer. Fold half of the section over (like the picture below) to make a cuff. The two non-hemmed edges should be together.

Good grief, this is so much harder to explain than it is to actually make...

Ok, now turn the long part inside-out and slip the cuff inside the bottom part of the long section so the non-hemmed edges line up. Sew these two sections together then Turn right-side-out! Easy peasy, right? Clear as mud? Good.

Finally, I added a little ribbon and button to dress up a plain white sock... have fun and GOOD LUCK!!


Tonya said...

Very cute idea! Love it!

Rebecca D. said...

Love a good pair of BL! Thanks for linking!

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design

Taylor said...

cute idea! love your blog!