Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning...

Today is a tried and true Monday. Taylor got her 2 month shots this weekend so she wasn't feeling too well yesterday. She slept great, but woke up crying this morning. I had to get ready for work so Mike got up and held/fed her until I was ready. Then, Jaden woke up crying. My guess is that T's crying woke her up. J was only crying because she was tired. I planted her on the couch in front of Care Bears and finished getting ready. It REALLY got fun when Jaden's blankie fell off the couch and she (in a very nice way, may I add) called for her Daddy, who was in the kitchen with Taylor. He, being tired and frustrated because of Taylor's unhappiness, kind of snapped at Jaden, who in turn started sobbing because, "Daddy's angry." I assured her that Daddy was not angry, just tired. Needless to say, both girls went to the sitter's early this morning... the tears did stop though, phew! Oh, and did I mention that it is RAINING and there is no sign of it stopping until the end of the week! Yea.

On a happier note, Mike and I got our Christmas shopping done for the girls! Yea!! I know I said I was going to wait on my homemade tutorials until after Christmas, but seriously, Jaden and Taylor don't read my blog so I'll share a cute little homemade goodie... as soon as it is finished! They are gonna be SOOOO neat! You'll want to make one for your cuties as soon as you see them! They turned out to be a little more expensive than I had originally thought but they are just too stinkin' cute!

In case you are wondering when I am going to makeover my blog and include Taylor's picture in the header, it will be soon BUT I have to wait until after I send out my Christmas cards :o) I feel guilty every time I look at my blog!! Happy Monday... have a great week :o)


Pat said...

I like the new headline. They will fill your lives with many happy memories.

amanda bee said...

love, love, LOVE your new layout - nicely done miss!