Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Bartels Family Christmas

Holy crap! Everyone was there!!
Row 1: Beck, Blake, Bo, Bailey, Trenton; Row 2: Jeff, Barb, Gene, Gramps and Taylor, Gramma, Linda and Ava, Denny and Jack; Row 3: Mike and Jaden, Dereck, Shane, Dad, Steve, Chad Bill, Randy, Mike; Row 4: Me, Mom, Cindy, Devin, Tabitha, Madison, Lisa, Jenny, Jane

The kids played a game that involved unwrapping a present (wrapped heavily with packing tape and multiple nesting boxes) with oven mitts. *Thanks for the idea, Lori and Howard!*

Madison won!

J and Ava played with the babies...

Taylor practiced rolling over...

Lots of people... lots of food... lots of FUN!!!

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Kristen said...

great pictures! LOVE the one of Taylor in the rocking chair, too cute!