Friday, February 26, 2010

A Poem for Fuzzy

There once was a man named Bob.
He's from Jersey though not in the mob.
He got in a car wreck a while ago,
And should be whipping up some cookie dough,
But he's not... Bob, don't be a snob!

You see, Fuzzy's a big racing buff,
Me? I could give a fluff!
But his one request,
Was to see me dressed,
In a NASCAR shirt (man, that was tough!)

"Go big or go home" is what I like to say,
So amongst the 'billies one cold, winter day,
I headed to Wal-Mart,
And loaded my cart,
With Kyle Busch racing gear... I look good, if I simply must say!

Ah yes, you see my shirt?
My ego, it's kinda hurt.
I really feel terrible,
Adorned in Busch wearables
When my heart belongs to Tony Stewart!

I bit the bullet for 'ol Mr. Fuzz,
In the dressing room of Wally World simply because,
It's cookies I need,
Satisfaction guaranteed,
This was hard for me (really, it was!)

**I hope you're feeling good, Bob!  Take care of yourself :o)**


Kristen said...

I love that you just tried them on in Walmart instead of actually buying them! lol

Dollface said...

omg how cute!!! Jared loves nascar as well... although we are new yorkers.... xxxooo

Anonymous said...

You seriously are just the cutest ever!

fuzbukt said...

There once was a lady named Shannon
When it came to chocolate to lick
She didn't carry a big stick
She rolled out the cannon

When faced with a dare
She battled wenches
And guys who use wrenches
The devil take care

She found at Wal-Mart
A shirt for driver Smoke
Fuzzy's favorite bloke
Gosh, she's smart

She reigns as queen of the bet
The oven will get fired
No matter how tired
Cookies she'll get!

(I suck at poetry!)

Shannon said...


Gramma J said...

You two are TOO FUNNY!!!
i think this is the closest either of you will get to being published!
All I can say is that I hope I get a cookie out of the deal!

Happy Baking, Bob!

Max Teders said...

That's my girl!! It seems the apple does fall close to the tree. P.S. I sure could use a cookie too!!