Friday, March 19, 2010

Feature Friday: Kojo Designs

This Friday, I am featuring Kirsten & Jordan, the fun girls over at Kojo Designs!

These ladies made my heart skip a beat with this fun project:

How fun would this be to take to the beach, pool... backyard sprinkler ;o)  The best part is, it would be SO inexpensive to make!!  I mean come on, I KNOW all of you have a million beach towels!  I think I buy one every year... It's an evil trick department stores like to play on me.  They know how much I'm in need of warm sunshine at the end of winter and say, "Hey, let's tempt her with these gorgeously fun bright beach towels even though chances are, she won't see a body of water bigger than J's kiddie pool this year!  Buwah-hahahaaa!"

Anyway, head over to Kojo Designs and check out this project and more!  Have a great weekend, friends :o)

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Dollface said...

That looks really cute!!! xxxxooo