Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to the McClure Wildlife Sanctuary

Those of you that follow me on Facebook already know that I had a frightful encounter with a opossum.  I've kept my eyes peeled but have yet to see him again.  On Saturday, we were getting ready to go to the mall and I had to go back inside to print a coupon when I see a raccoon scaling our fence!  I watched him make his way across the yard and take shelter at our shed!  We have an old dog house connected to our shed.  The previous owner of our house attached it and cut out an opening.  The opening has been boarded off BUT the door doesn't stay closed.  I've yet to check, but there may or may not be families of wildlife living in there.  *shiver*  The opossum was under the shed.  Again, I've yet to go out there and crouch down to see if there is anything actually residing under the shed... I don't want them to jump out and scratch my eyes out!

Seeing as I'm too scared to actually go out there and investigate, I'm taking volunteers!

Speaking of wildlife, here's what my girls were up to this weekend :o)
She likes to peek over the top of her crib... we play peek-a-boo :o)

Not crawling yet but doing an awful lot of "swimming"!!

Good girl reward: PLAY-DOH!

Our new babysitter: Jude

T was really eyeing those fish sticks!  This was her first ride in the shopping cart!


Laura said...

Maybe the opposum and the racoon will mate and you'll have a family of oppoons living in your shed!

Shannon said...

Animal control charges a fee if they need to come remove an animal that is NOT in danger. Laura, your caring husband told me to tell them the shed was on fire and Mike was standing guard with a shotgun and see if they considered that to be "in danger".