Thursday, May 27, 2010

DO I Make You Proud

Ah yes, she is definitely my daughter :o)  Are you proud, Dad?  Jaden was brushing her teeth this morning and she came out with Mike and wanted to show me her new trick! 

Here are a couple more proud moments :o)

"Jaden to the RESCUE!!"

Taylor is drinking juice out of a sippy cup now!

He is such a good dad.  The girls ADORE him!

Playing with my babies :o)

Reading is a big deal in this family!

Taylor is learning to love books just as much as Jaden!

She is eating a PB sandwich!!

J is NOT scared of the water this year!  Not even when it is freezing cold!

Ok, she either needs a longer slide or a bigger pool... or both.

Taylor has a pigtail (kinda)!!  After the great poop fiasco, she had some hair standing up Alfalfa style.  I clipped a bow on there and she actually kept it in!!

You thought I was joking?  Nope!  Here is proof that J pulls Taylor away from the books by her ankles :o)  Jaden gets a little nervous because she thinks she is going to hurt Taylor but Taylor just laughs!

Have a great day!


Dollface said...

they are just too cute for words.... i cant wait to see more :) xxxooo

Kristen said...

love the stripes on the wall! Awesome! I'm so glad it's finally pool weather, we have a fairly small yard so we'll be doing the tiny pool this year, but something is better than nothing!

Jenny said...

oh my goodness!!! (i seriously spewed coffee) Jaden has EARNED HER NAMESAKE!!! Uncle Shane will be so proud too!
You HAVE to get a family vidoe of this family trick!! of course i will do the video since i don't have the skill! hehe FUNNY!!
You have some precious memories here!! CUTE!!!
i think it is time for bigger pool AND slide!

Max Teders said...

Yeah, Jaden, your Grampa Max is very proud of you!! When you show your trick to Gramma J, ask her to do it too!