Friday, May 14, 2010

It's All About the GIRLS!

Last weekend, I met up with some girlfriends at Flat Top.  We all try to get together at least once a month and just have some girl time.  The food was GREAT and our conversations lasted until closing time!  I love these girls :o)
Me, Lori, Jenna, Megan & Leanne

Speaking of the girls... Jaden and Taylor are doing a better job of entertaining each other now that Taylor can actually sit and play!  Jaden taught her how to roll a ball back and forth. 

They are now BOTH big enough for baths in the big tub!  I think Taylor wiped out a few times the first time they were in the tub together, but now they do just fine!

Enjoying some surprises!

See, it pays to be a good girl!

Taylor's new favorite thing is the magnets.  Our kitchen is tiny so this makes for quite the obstacle course!

With my back turned, I didn't notice Taylor leaving the kitchen...

Just looking for sis!  J had to take a potty break :o)


Taylor wasn't quite sure about them...

Loving Saturday morning play time!

Sorry for the lack of interesting posts... I'm hoping to be out of my funk soon!  Have a great weekend!!


Over Yonder said...

Adorable pictures! I miss those me baby fever. :)

LeeAnn said... how do you edit pics on blogspot? your pics always have the black aquare around do you do that???thanks!

Gramma J said...

i can't imagine having a more interesting post! You captured some great moments!!
(LeeAnn, I wondered the same thing awhile ago and I found out it just depends on the original layout you choose from blogger. Basic layout or something like that.)

Nishant said...

Adorable pictures!
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