Friday, June 25, 2010

Babysitting Chat - UPDATE!!

See red text below for babysitter update!!

Wow!  Thanks for all of the comments on my post yesterday!  I originally started to reply in the comments section, but felt nobody would go back and check out my response.  That and it was getting a little lengthy. 

First of all, she is not my regular, everyday sitter. We pay THAT sitter the big bucks! This is just a high school teenager. She will be there from 6:30 to 11:30 or 12. I think I am going to text her today and just tell her that we normally pay a night time sitter $5/hour but since she asked for $8, how about if we give her $8 for the first two hours that the kids are awake and $5 after that? Does that seem reasonable? I understand that their lives are priceless and if something were to happen....... It's not like if something did happen she would just ignore it because we are giving her less than what she wanted.  I don't know, I'm on the fence.  One part of me is saying, "Seriously??  That's a lot for a sitter to come over and sit in my house while my kids are sleeping!  No way, José!!"  The other part of me is saying, "She IS from a higher income neighborhood.  Maybe that is what the Drs. dish out for their teenage babysitters."  Yes, I did ask her what she charges, BUT I never verbally agreed to it.  What if you were going to a job interview and they ask you how much you want to make, then give you less than that?  I don't know...  See, you people are making me second guess myself! :o)  She IS giving up her Saturday night and I remember how important those were the summer before my senior year.  She DOES have to drive about 20 minutes to get to my house and gas is NOT cheap. 

Ready?  Set?  Comment!  Be honest... I really want your opinions!!

On a completely unrelated note, my 400th blog post is coming up... what do you want from me?  Question/answer?  Pictures?  Recipes?  I would say giveaways, but seeing as I STILL haven't delivered on my 300th post giveaways... yeah, probably not the best idea :o)  Tell me or I'll officially be done blogging FOREVER at post number 399!!

I texted the girl this morning:
"Hey! We were thinking, and usually we pay evening sitters 5 dollars an hour but since you asked for 8, maybe we could compromise and give you 8 for the first 2 hours they are awake and 5 for the rest. Will that work for you?"

Her reply:
"Yeah that should be fine hahah"

After that, she sent:
"I just wanted to let you know that eight to ten bucks an hour is what I've been paid in the past, not what I charge. If that makes sense hahah. But what you said works out great and sorry for throwing out big numbers without talkin about it first!"

Problem one solved.  Problem two... WHAT TO DO FOR MY 400th POST??


Jessica said...

We pay $10 an hour for a sitter. I tend to ask family first and then find a sitter only when truly necessary because the cost has to be budgeted into your evening's plans. It is not the best way to end a fun evening - handing out loads of cash!

Shannon said...


Dollface said...

I think that $8 is fine if you like her and you think she is worth it. But it all depends on how you are budgeting. xxxooo

Jenny said...

Honestly? These girls are so precious anyone should be willing to babysit them at no cost!!
But....I think $5 an hour is good for a teenager babysitter when it is evening. But I like your idea of compromising with the 8/5. If this girl wants to work she is going to have to realize there could be a slight difference in pay with each family. And now that you know all this, next time....start the $ conversation with, "we pay X dollars an hour, is this ok with you?"
Good luck....but i still stand by my first statement!!

Jenny said...

Don't stress over the whole thing. Pay what you can afford. And minimum wage is not just for is a base wage set for "no degree needed" employment. Some states set their minimum wage above federal because their state's cost of living is higher. In Indiana, minimum wage fits us well!
and for the 400th blog....hmmmm....sorry can't help you there, i am still working on my 100 things about me so i am ready if i ever hit blog 100!

Kristen said...

sounds like you got it all figured out! I'm still a firm believer in $5/hr. I figure since the sitter always leaves saying "call me anytime" that she not have a problem with it. It does get ridiculous though, you go out for a night and spend money on a nice dinner &/or movie and then come home and hand out another wad of cash.... depressing!

hmmm.... 400th post, we have to give you some kind of ideas cause it'd be sad if you NEVER blogged again! ;) I love photos and your girls are so cute it never gets old looking at pics of them!

Lora said...

I haven't had to hire a babysitter with lots of family living close. I find $8 an hour expensive, mainly because I remember getting $2 an hour when I babysat LOL.

As for your 400 post - I would love to hear how you met your husband and see a wedding picture.

Angela said...

400? Wow! I think you should make up a song, choreograph it and then videotape yourself performing it. Or, you know, just do something less AMAZING and do a q&a post where everyone gets to ask you a question about yourself and you post the answers. Or that video idea if you REALLY want to do something super cool.

And aren't I a 300th post recipient? It sounds so familiar to me. You could say no and I would believe you. I could totally be making that up.

Max Teders said...

Lora has a great idea. Use your 400th post to fill in the blanks. Show some significant pictures in your life, like dance recitals, wedding, graduations and your first day of school.

DREW'S MOM said...

Glad to hear she totally understood and agreed. Hope you guys have a fun night out!