Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloggers Unite!!

Check out this picture...
Yep, that's Tia and little Ellie!!!  After reading each others' blogs for a couple of years now, we finally met IN REAL LIFE!!  If you are regular readers of our blogs, you know that we LOVE the zoo.  What better place for our first (definitely not our last) meet-up?? 

It was so much fun!  As soon as we saw each other, I said, "I feel like I already know you guys!"  To which she replied, "We DO know each other!"  There were no surprises.  They were just as fun to hang out with as they are to read about :o)  And that Ellie, SUCH a cutie!  Her and J bonded right away.

Ellie rode on the carosel but J was still scared so she just waited.  We all waved to Ellie every time she passed by though!

J made sure to show Ellie all of the ins and outs of the zoo.

The penguins were a big hit, of course!

We enjoyed the log ride...

...and the sky ride! (and the train ride, minus pictures...)

Jaden will probably tell you, "It was the best day ever!"


They each got to feed the giraffe!

...and play the drums :o)

Friends forever... and future bloggers, of course!

We finished the day with a picnic lunch!

It was so much fun!  Thanks again for visiting us, Tia and Ellie!!  You be sure to let us know when your elephants are back and we will come visit your neck of the woods!


Dollface said...

This is super cute!! thanks for sharing with us :) xxxooo

Kristen said...

that is so cool! Looks like lots of fun was had!