Friday, July 9, 2010

43 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 43 Weeks Old
July 7, 2010

Taylor (left) and Jaden (right) at 43 weeks old.

Taylor kind of had a rough week.  We thought that maybe she was finally getting her first tooth but I think it was actually just a virus. She didn't eat well or sleep well and had a little bit of a fever late last week. 

Miss Taylor Max stayed awake for her first fireworks show and loved it!  Her eyes would get so big and she got so excited!  It has been so hot and humid lately so Taylor has learned to LOVE the pool... as long as it warms up first :o)

She loves snacking on Cheerios and teething biscuits.  She is not liking her formula too much though.  I think she just got a taste for "real" food and is ready to be done with her bottle.  She is still wearing size 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes.

Here are my cuties!
Doesn't Taylor just have that look in her eyes?!  A true wild child.  At least we have J to hold her back... literally :o)

Have a good weekend!

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Kristen said...

such adorable girls! I think that "wild child" is a 2nd child syndrome! My little guy is so wild it's crazy! I never would have imagined!