Thursday, August 19, 2010

49 Weeks

Taylor Maxine - 49 Weeks Old
August 18, 2010

Taylor & Jaden at 49 weeks old.

The ball has started rolling on Taylor's birthday party!  She will be one year old in 3 short weeks!  The invitations have been made and mailed!  It's going to be a fun time :o)

Not much excitement this week.  Taylor has been giving us a hard time at night.  She is working on a fourth tooth.  She has been really stuffy and cranky.  She is doing ok but Mike and I are struggling!  This sleep deprivation thing is HARD!

Other than the tooth, she is doing great!  She LOVES to play!  Her favorite toy is her little kitchen.  She likes to put her other toys in the fridge and oven :o)

We had a little scare this week.  Taylor fell out of her crib.  She plls herself up now so I never leave her unattended with the drop side down.  All four of us were in her room and getting ready for bed.  Mike was on the floor, reaching under T's bed to plug something in and I turned my back for half a second to get a diaper.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see her fall head-first.  I grabbed her by her ankle and arm.  I caught her just in time.  Her head touched the floor but I caught her soon enough, it only hit as hard as if she had fallen over while sitting on the floor.  She didn't cry.  I think it shook me up more than it did her.  We definitely do NOT leave the side down on her crib anymore for any period of time... even one second.

Only three more weekly posts!  Life has been super crazy-busy... I'm hoping to get into the swing of regularly blogging very soon!  Until then, enjoy this pic of my cuties this week...

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