Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 90210 Day!!

Did you notice today's date??
In honor of that, I thought I'd share pics and clips from one of the most awesomest shows EVER!
Oh how I love you guys!!

I think I still get butterflies when I see Dylan McKay smile!

Brenda Walsh was the QUEEN of the high-waisted jeans!!  I also loved all of the shoulder pads :o)  I remember watching 90210 when I was younger and wishing I had their clothes.  Donna Martin made me jealous with all of her hats and crop tops...
Donna Martin
Kelly Taylor
Brandon & Brenda Walsh
Dylan McKay
Steve Sanders... remember the short silky shorts???
David Silver
Andrea Zuckerman
The Peach Pit!!
Who could forget this one?

I love you, 90210!!  Forever and ever!!


Dollface said...

love this! and love the show, hope youre well doll,xxoxoo

Dollie said...

I love 90210!! I watch the new one that comes on The CW now, but I remember watching the original one! There is actually a Peach Pit somewhere in Georgia, everyday I'd pass by it going to my sister's I would think of the show!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Drew's Mom said...

Haha... LOVE IT!!! I totally miss this show! One of the greatest in my book.
Thanks for sharing!

Brie said...

Oh what memories that brings back!

Kristen said...

fantastic show!