Monday, September 27, 2010

Vegas Vacation - Day 5: Fremont Street Experience

September 16, 2010
Thursday was our last full day in Vegas.  We went back to the strip during the day and had lunch at New York, New York.


Then we went  Mandalay Bay and saw Randy "The Natural" Couture of UFC fame!
Actually this was a statue but click to zoom and see how real it looked!
The Events Center where the UFC fights are held.
We had to wait in a line of kids for this pic!  I'll bet Jaden would be jealous :o)
RRRAAAAAWWWWWRRR!!!  ...or something like that.

That night, we took the shuttle down to the old strip... Fremont Street!
This is the best photo I could get of the famous Little White Chapel where Britney Spears
got married the first time.
Nick, Kenny, and Franks quickly made some new friends!
Kenny asked for a kiss and he got... well... a MEMBER of KISS ;o)
This guys was awesome! He was making these really cool paintings with SPRAY PAINT!  I am SO going to try this!
Seriously awesome!
The original hotels of Vegas.
Loving our last night in Sin City!
This guy was making 3D sculptures of people.

This is what $1,000,000 looks like:
I was carded before I could take a picture.  For some reason you needed
to be 21 to get up close and personal with a million bucks.
Finally, if you've never seen the light show on Fremont Street, it is so worth the trip!

We woke up bright and early on Friday morning to head back to the Fort to see our girls!
I had a GREAT time and thank all of my friends for the fun memories!  Viva Las Vegas!!

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amanda bee said...

it looks like you had so much fun!! i love the picture of the boys next to the, errr, bust :-)