Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh, by the way...

I found out one day in advance that the babysitter was going to have a Halloween party.  She asked that no costumes be worn (didn't want things to get lost, ruined, dirty, etc.) and the kids could bring treats if they wanted to.  If they brought a treat, they would get their own trick-or-treating station to pass out their treat to the other kids.  I knew Jaden would love doing that so I had to get treats.  You know how I am... I couldn't just send my kid with a bag of candy.  They needed to be cute!

I have a bunch of scrap fabric.   I always save the big chunks because you never know when you might need a little bit.  Well, they came in handy!

I took a scrap of white fabric and laid a sucker on it.

Next, I tied a string around the stick up by the sucker. 

Then, I had Jaden draw eyes on them.

We ended up with super cute ghost suckers! 
Total cost, $2!

Then, I needed a festive outfit for Taylor to wear.  Jaden had a cute Halloween shirt with matching leggings so she was covered.  Taylor had nothing.

So, I grabbed one of her white t-shirt onesies. 

Because she would wear a long sleeve shirt underneath this, I cut the bottom off of it so it wouldn't be too bunchy.  Also, these t-shirts are getting a tad bit too short anyway. 

Next, I searched through my scrap fabric box for some black fleece but found NOTHING!  I went to the closet and got my "bar coat" which was a way-too-big black fleece jacket I got as a freebie... it said on it.  I used to wear it to the club in the winter (when we used to go out all the time!) and stash it somewhere, in hopes that it would still be there when I was ready to go home but wouldn't have been sad if it had been stolen.  Anyway, I found it and cut a chunk out of it  :o) 

Then, I cut ovals for eyes. 

I laid them on the shirt, pinned them in place, and sewed them down. 

Now, Taylor had a "bootiful" ghost t-shirt!

Now they will both have a "spooktacular" time at their Halloween party!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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Kristen said...

you are so creative! I'm jealous! Those girls are absolutely adorable, Taylor's faces always make me giggle! Oh lord please give me a daughter one day!

Drew's Mom said...

How cute! Love your little ghosts and the t-shirt came out great. You are so resourceful!

Melissa said...

That was so cute! Not super over the top. I know that I could do this! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Tell All.

P said...

Oooh, I want a ghost sucker! So cute!