Thursday, October 14, 2010


First, I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Holly at Bohlsen PR in Indianapolis!  She found my blog and pitched the idea of working together to promote the Yo Gabba Gabba show in Indy.  As compensation, I was given two tickets to the show.  It was an AWESOME experience!  Thanks so much, Holly!!  I think you are probably one of J's favorite people now :o)

On Wednesday, I left work early to go get Jaden from the sitter's and headed down to Indy!  The night before, I told J that I had a big giant surprise for her.  Sure enough, the first thing she asked when she woke up was what the big giant surprise was.  When I told her we were going to see Yo Gabba Gabba, she got so excited!  I was the surprised one though... When I went to pick J up, I had about four other little ones what wanted to go too!  One little girl even went and got her shoes and jacket!  Sorry kiddos!  It's a Mom & Jaden Day!

I loaded the car with some of her favorite toys and books to keep her entertained on the drive down.  I even had her Lion King CD playing!  She said, "All my stuff in here.. This is AMAZING!"

The day was for J so we got to eat wherever she wanted.  Needless to say, we lunched at McDonalds!

We made it to the Murat before the rain!  Jaden really started to get excited when she saw the Muno cut-out! She told me, "I'm so excited, Mom!  This is the biggest surprise in the whole wide world!"

We were a little early so we had to wait for a short while until they opened the doors.  Some of the parents were constantly yelling at their kids to stand in line or they weren't going to see the show.  Most of the kids were running around a little (not crazy at all) looking at the posters.  I just wanted to tell those moms to chill out!

Habitat for Humanity sponsored a couple of carnival games for kids to play.  Jaden rocked the can toss and won some Silly Bandz!

We probably could have left at this point and Jaden would have been completely satisfied.  She loved these cut-outs!
Muno, Jaden, and Brobee
We got some DJ Lance Rock glasses!

Imagine J's excitement when we walked in to see this:

We had perfect seats too.  We were on the floor, about 3/4 of the way back.  There was nobody in the three rows in front of us so we could have moved up if we wanted, but it was perfect because Jaden could see the entire stage!

It's almost time!!

Then it started... When DJ Lance came on the screen, Jaden screamed with excitement!

Then, when the Gabba Gang came out, she was out of her seat jumping up and down!  I have never seen her so excited about anything, EVER!  It was an awesome moment as a mom.

DJ Lance introduced each of the characters.  Jaden sang right along with the song!





DJ Lance Rock

It wasn't long until she was up and dancing in the aisle!

The Gabba Gang was great!!  They interacted with the kids and made the show exciting!  Jaden's favorite part was the balloon song.
The Gang danced with giant balloons and then gave them all to Brobee...
They lifted Brobee up and the kids went CRAZY!!  SO cool to them!

Of course, then they dropped balloons from the ceiling :o)

After intermission, we were surprised to have the Gabba Gang coming down the aisle!  Toodee stopped and said hi to Jaden and gave her a high five!!  Jaden was SO EXCITED!  She said, "Mom!  Toodee touched me!  She touched me, Mom!!"

The Gang came out and sang their Bubbles song.  You could hear all of the kids, including Jaden, singing right along with them.  Bubble machines were blowing bubbles into the crowd and the kids were squealing!  It was awesome.

Then, Biz Markie came out to teach the kids the beat of the day.  Jaden rocked the beat box :o)  Biz had some kids come up on stage and help him out.  It was really cute!  I'll have to get a video of J... She is so cute when she does the beat box.  She went tot he sitter's the next day and tried to teach the kids there how to do it... HILARIOUS!

If you have ever n Yo Gabba Gabba on TV, you know all about "There's a party in my tummy!"  I think even the adults got excited about this one!  I had to break out the fishy crackers as soon as Brobee said he was hungry though :o)

They ended with the Goodbye song...

For dinner, Jaden picked Burger King...
Oh, my poor stomach... but, it was J's day!

On the way home, we saw a rainbow...

It was a really fun day!  Thanks again to Holly at Bohlsen PR for giving me such a special day with Jaden!


The Nelson's said...

What a fun Mama/daughter day! You can tell she is so excited :)

Kristen said...

what a great day! Good for you mom, those are memories of a lifetime!

Drew's Mom said...

How sweet! Looks like a great day for both of you =)