Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do I Have What It Takes??

I submitted the vanity I made for Jaden in Sew Dang Cute's second season of Crafting With the Stars!  I'm super nervous because there are a lot of crafty mamas out there!  I don't know if I can even come close to competing with some of them... We'll see!  She picks her 12 contestants to be paired with the best of the best in the craft blog world on January 15th.  Here is my entry project:
Wish me luck!!  Go to her page and click on my link so I can get lots of views and be in the contest :o)

Update on the vanity: Jaden LOVES it!  She sits at it every day when we get home to "work on projects."  She talks to herself in the mirror like she is hosting a talk show :o)  She also is more than eager to sit at her vanity each morning for me to do her hair.  I can't wait until Taylor is ready for one of these!  J loves it and I love that she loves it :o) 

Here is a picture of the vanity in J's room:

Ok, now go to Sew Dang Cute's blog and click on my vanity link!  I'm thumbnail #107.  Wish me good luck ;o)


Lora said...

It fits in her room nicely. She looks so cute using it. Good Luck :)

Kristen said...

looks great girl, good luck!

Dollface said...

wow.... you are amazing!!! xxxoo

Kelly said...

Good luck Shan!! You got it girl!

MamaB said...

I just can't get over how cute that vanity is! great job!!! I think you have what it takes for sure!

Sandy Ang said...

This is pretty fab ! I was thinking of signing up too but don't think I'd be good enough.