Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enough Already!!

On my way home from work yesterday, I was met with a winter storm complete with another crap load of snow (right after we had a gorgeous week with temps warm enough to melt the 15 inches we got at the end of January), frigid wind gusts, mini snow tornadoes -- which were actually pretty cool-- and freezing fog.
I'm convinced that the reason February is the shortest month is because it sucks so bad.  Come on March!  I know spring is right around the corner... even if the corner is still a mile away.

Speaking of spring, the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show starts next week!  No tutorials for me this week because I have been busting my booty to get lots of goodies made because there will be a Life On Purpose booth at the show this year!  I'm really excited about it.  Nervous, but excited!  Are you in need of a little spring?  I am giving away $2 off admission coupons to the Home & Garden Show!  If you are from this area and are planning on going to the show, comment or email me and the coupons are yours!  Let me know how many you would like and I'll do my best to get them for you.

Alright, come on spring... we need you to come and STAY!


Chris said...

I feel your pain. At least this time my husband was here to shovel it! lol

Angie said...

I hear ya! I shoveled twice yesterday to try to keep up with it (around 5 and 7 pm) and then had another 4" to shovel this am! Yuk!

My hubby tried to make it to the Pens game last night, but it took him over an hr to get to the parkway, which would normally take 8 min!

Lala said...

I would love to go to the show!....and spend the whole time at your booth! Of course, that's just me making wishes into a dry well. What kinds of things will you be showing/selling? Do tell! And good luck!!

amanda said...

boo to this horrible, icky winter. we've been having lots of snowy days down here too. let's all send good vibes towards mother nature - maybe she'll send an early spring :-)

Lora said...

It's been a crazy winter, that's for sure. When does spring normally come for you? It's common to see snow as late as mid/late May or even early June here.