Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm real... like Jenny from the block

I've recently read a number of posts by other bloggers on the appearance of perfection that is perceived through the blog world. Typically this from mom bloggers.  Do I think my life is perfect?  Yes.  I think that I have the perfect life for me. I know I am not a perfect wife or mom but I do what I can for my family and love them to pieces.  I like to do crafts and yes, when I'm not pulling my hair out trying to get ready for the Home & Garden Show, I usually do at least one craft a week.  I like to cook and since I'm the only one in my family that knows how, I do it quite often.  I try to make a home cooked dinner for my family every night.  Do I always have a new elaborate recipe?  Nah... Sometimes we have Hamburger Helper.  One thing that you can be sure of, our house will always be clean.  We have a great routine that makes housework seem like not such a horrible task.  Also, Mike is slightly obsessed (in a good way!) about it... which has rubbed off on both of my girls. 

Yesterday, I was getting Jaden's breakfast for her.  Thanks to Taylor, I was only half awake.  I totally knocked Jaden's full cup of milk over and of all places, it spilled down the crack between the counter and the stove.  Jaden immediately asked if she needed to go get Dad.  Um, pretty sure I can handle this one.  I needed to pull out the stove.  Before you look at these photos, let me just say that we have lived in our house for coming on five years.  We had two cats for over 3½ of those years; now just one.  We have NEVER pulled out our stove.  Ever.  Not even to paint (which we did before we moved in).  So bloggers, here is the behind the scenes of my "perfect" life:
Cat hair, dust, spider webs, milk carton rings, goldfish crackers, spilled milk, other random spilled nastiness on the side of the stove....

"Uh-oh! UCK!"
Thanks to my trusty pals, the mess was cleaned up and smelling fresh in no time!
Check out the third cat I swept up!

Ah... much better.  I should have grabbed the yellow paint while I was back there.  Oh well, maybe when I pull it out again in five years... KIDDING.


Annie said...

Mine looks the same! Under my stove is a whole bunch of cat toys among other things! Nice to know we are all real!

amanda said...

Olive hides things under our stove too! What is with these cats???

Kristen said...

I don't even want to know what under my stove looks like! lol

Angela said...
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Lala said...

Used to have a little now I got a lot....I was just singing that song last night and I am not one to sing J-Lo songs! Spooky! I want to scold you for doing all that work to your countertops and not moving your stove first so you could get the sides! Silly lady. Also, teach Mike to cook something so you can take a cooking break now and then, okay? Sell it as a survival skill! xo
P.S. I am still anxious to find out what you'll be showing at the H&G Show. I can't attend, of course, so I need a virtual experience!

Stacey said...

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American Flag Patches said...

LOL! Mine looks the same too!