Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bringing in the BIG bucks!

Mike and I had to stop at the bank last Wednesday after work to cash a check. This check has been sitting in my billfold for a couple of weeks now.  Why?  Because it was for only $4 :o)  We needed to get gas anyway and the bank is in the same parking lot so we headed over.  That is when we turned into pot-smoking college kids:
Mike: "You should've said, 'Um, can I have that in ones please'"  *giggle giggle*
Me: *giggle giggle*  "I was thinking about asking for biggest bills possible!"  *giggle giggle*
Mike: *giggle giggle*
(tube slides down with envelope in it)
Both: *giggle giggle*
Me: "Can you open and count that for me to make sure it's all there?"  *giggle giggle*
Mike: *giggle giggle*

I think the cold meds and pain pills (for Mike), along with limited sleep probably made this a little funnier than it really was.  Then again, I am still giggling while I relive it!

Have a great day!

BTW, Neither Mike nor I are or ever were pot-heads, just in case you were wondering!


Dollface said...

hahaha... well every dollar counts! xxxoo

Lora said...

Ha Ha Ha .... Those silly moments are great. We need more of them in life :)

Carolyn said...

Love this post! I agree, every dollar counts!

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