Thursday, April 14, 2011


We're going to see the Easter Bunny, Taylor.  I'll hold your hand so you're not scared.  He's nice!

Taylor spotted him!

Jaden didn't hesitate at all to go sit with him!

Taylor wasn't too sure...

Jaden: "Hey Easter Bunny, do you want to come to my house?"
Easter Bunny shakes head no.
Me: "Yeah Jaden, the Easter Bunny will leave you eggs on Easter, right Easter Bunny?"
Easter Bunny gets it now... He points to me and shakes his head!
What?  Did he really think she was asking him to come over TONIGHT?

Although, she probably would have!

Yeah... Taylor felt safer on the other side of the fence.

Jaden is now more confidant that she will have a visit from EB after her birthday :o)  Trip=success!

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Lora said...

Oh so cute. I wished the Easter bunny came up to visit us. Maybe it's too cold LOL. Cute spring outfits and sandals. Looking forward to spring. We had another dumping of snow last night :(

Jenny said...

those girls are just too cute!!! And you get a "mom award" for always making sure they get to experience everything!

Kristen said...

so stinking cute! That easter bunny was probably some 16 year old kid who had no idea what was expected of him! lol