Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yea!! Oh no... NO!

I have been trying to get Taylor excited about the potty.  No, I am not officially potty-training her yet.  I just don't want her to be scared of the potty like a certain little red-head.  Before bath, I get her undressed and sit her up on the potty.  She was nervous at first but we got the princess seat out and all of a sudden, it became pretty cool!

Sunday night (a couple of weeks ago) was pretty crazy at our house.  Mike and I had gone to Indy on Saturday while the girls stayed at my parents' house.  We had just got home from the grocery store and were getting all of the bags unpacked as I was getting the girls ready for a bath.  I stripped Taylor and tossed her up onto the potty seat.  I went to throw some things into Taylor's diaper bag and came back into the bathroom.  Taylor was pointing and grunting (because she STILL isn't talking... much) to the bath.  I asked if she was done and she smiled and nodded.  As with each time, I just picked her up and put her into the bath.  To my surprise, the potty water was yellow!!  I got super excited and was clapping and whooping and getting Taylor super excited too!  J was in at this point and she was super excited about Taylor's accomplishment too!

The girls were busy playing in the bath while I ran in and out, putting things away.  Pretty soon, J starts yelling, "MOM!  MOM!  THERE'S POOP IN THE BATH!  TAYLOR POOPED!"  Ugh...

One step forward, two steps back...

**UPDATE:  This is one of those posts that I compose because I don't want to forget about it but leave it as a draft until a time where I don't have time to post something else...  Monday evening, we were in the family room and Taylor started grabbing her diaper and pointing in the direction of the bathroom.  I asked her if she had to go potty and she nodded.  We trotted off to the bathroom and I put her up on the potty.  A few seconds later, she pottied!!  We all got super excited :o) 


Lora said...

WTG Taylor!! Such a big girl now!!

Jack knows what to do but seems to have lost interest :(

Llama said...

What a super cute story!! Whoo hoo Taylor!!! Now you got the idea girl!!

Kristen said...

wtg Taylor!!!! Riley is 2 1/2 and I swear that we are YEARS away from getting potty trained! lol

cecilia said...

Again, I love your daughters!
I am in a train to milan right now but I couldn' t help but smile!