Thursday, May 5, 2011

And so it begins...

Screw you, cold spring weather!  We are going to the zoo and we are going to have fun!

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo opened for the season!  We are so excited to spend our weekend mornings with all of the animals :o)  Because it was so chilly, some of the animals had be kept inside.  The girls still had fun though!

J was pumped to see the hyenas! Of course she has named them Bonzi, Shanzi, and Ed... from the Lion King.

This was so awesome!  Bill the lion walked right up to the window, roared, and then laid down to take a nap!  Amazing.
They call him Bill, we call him Mufasa!

It was nice to be able to take the wagon instead of a stroller this year.  The girls could get out and walk if they wanted to, or take a rest and ride for a little bit.  It was perfect.

After a year of watching her big sis play these drums, Taylor was itching to give it a try for herself.

"Mufasa! Wildebeests in the Pride Lands!  Simba's down there!"

Time to take a little water break!

The girls were so excited to ride the carousel!  This one goes twice as fast as the one at the mall... sorry for the blurry photo :o)

Mike and I were tempted to leave the animals at the zoo...

...but they escaped.

The girls got to experience what it like to be a Joey.

And the peacocks!!  Wow!

The swarm of catfish hadn't come up for food yet.  We're guessing it was still chilly.  BUT, a few GIGANTIC and very colorful fish (as well as those pesky geese) did enjoy a treat!

It was a lot of fun.  We are looking forward to many more zoo visits!
Not sure who the little cutie between the "Z" and the "O" is...


Jenny said...

sign me up for a day at the zoo with you!!!

Cecilia said...

Couldn't you steal a peacock feather and use it for some craft? :)

Lala said...

My favorite pic is the one where T is close up and J looks like she's on tv. I've hopped in and pretended to be a Joey, too! Of course, I was 20 years older than J, but you know they did not have the Australian Adventure when I was a kid, so...

Lora said...

I always like going to the zoo, so much fun. We haven't been for awhile, so it's on the list of things to do this summer.