Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Housekeeping

First of all, if you participated in my Spring Fling giveaway and have NOT sent your gift, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  Have those puppies postmarked by May 31st or I'll block you from my blog forever!  I don't know that this is even possible but you get the picture :o)  If you have received an awesome gift, take a pic of it and send it to me at lifeonpurpose{at}rocketmail{dot}com so I can feature all of the goodness!  So far, I have two pictures: mine and my mom's (I took the picture).  Get with the program, ladies! 

Second, my 600th blog post is quickly approaching!  How the heck did that come on so fast?  You know how I love to celebrate these moments... So what do you want to see for my 600th?  What has been your favorite post of mine (I'm talking like... EVER)?  What are you coming to my blog everyday for, hoping you will see?  Deep dark secrets?  Stunning performances?  Blow-your-mind craftiness?  I do this for you people... what do you want?

Third, sorry for slacking on the posting.  Like I said, number 600 is coming up and I'm lost for ideas so I'm partly putting off blogging until I can come up with something super-amazing, but also partly because life is crazy busy right now.  I know you know what I mean. 

Third and a half, I'm also not updating my Facebook page as often as I would like.  There is one reason and one reason only for that: my new phone.  I can get on Facebook but it automatically goes to my personal account and I don't know how to switch it to my blog account.  Can anyone help me out on that?

Last but not least, you all know about these deadly tornadoes that are hitting our country.  I can not even imagine what the victims of these storms are going through.  A lot of people have lost their homes and all of their possessions.  Some people also lost family members and friends.  It is devastating and I hope I never have to experience any of this.  I don't care what you believe in or where your faith lies, this holiday weekend when you are laughing and smiling with your family, take a moment to think about the people that are suffering through the aftermath of these tragic storms.  Believe me, as soon as I hear about a tornado and know that one of my blog friends lives in that city, I make sure to email her right away to see if she is ok!  Stay safe please :o)

To summarize:
1. Spring Fling - mail them, photograph them, send them... TODAY!
2. 600th Post???  I need ideas please :o)
3. I'm busy, you get it.  See number 2.
3½. Tech help please!
4. Tornadoes suck.

Have a great holiday weekend!


~Dawn~ said...

Even tho the tornados here in Minneapolis were nothing compared to those down south...they were still devistating and we'll be helping out with the aftermath all Memorial weekend. My husband works for the city - so, he's been working non-stop all week. It's so sad to see these people with absolutley NOTHING!!


Max Teders said...

Shannon, I check your blog EVERY day because it is so funny and entertaining!! I ALWAYS click off with a smile on my face! KUTGW!

Lala said...

Pictures--I took 'em and I'm'a send 'em.
Post 600 should be a singing, dancing performance on video. Wait...that sounds familiar. Hm. Or, it should be a travel post in which you take your readers on a trip Or, you know, thats just an idea.

Gill Family said...

I will get mine out this week :) Cant guarentee today-- because we were out of town all weekend and have a ton of stuff to get done at home, but by Friday :)