Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Life: Week 20

Celebrating Jaden's birthday with her friends at Rockhill Park

Taylor gets her first pedicure... We only got one foot done and the polish was off within five minutes! Maybe next time we'll just use a Sharpie... what?  Don't judge.

"Bye, Daddy!"

For those of you that don't believe fairy princesses exist, I'm here to convince you!  I have two living in my house :o)

Yum yum!!

The completion of Jaden's reward chart earned her a trip to Zesto!  Way to go, girlie!!

We love warm Saturdays :o)

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Lala said...

I love J's peasant top! And pedicures. Add that to the list of things we have to get done together. (Except I don't want Sharpie pedis--no offense.) I already added Zumba to the list. ;)