Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An expert in avoidance!

Jaden is a curious cat.  She is always wanting to know more about whatever conversation is going on around her.  With all of the babies being born lately, I knew that THE QUESTION was inevitable.

J: Mom, when me and Taylor were babies, how did you get us out of your belly?
Me: Well, I went to the doctor and he helped me.
J: I know, but how did you get us out?
Me: You just come out when you are all ready!
J: *sighs* I know, Mom, but where did you get us out?
Me: At the hospital!
J: *sighs*

Yeah, yeah... Don't judge

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amanda said...

oh dear! i'm so not looking forward to those BIG questions.

Llama said...

HAHA! oh boy~ thats a tough one! LOL

Lala said...

I think it's a totally appropriate age to teach her about it! It doesn't look like Amazon has this book available for sale, but perhaps the ACPL would have it to borrow. I haven't read it, but it looks like a good one to use with her: http://www.amazon.com/Happy-Birth-Day-Robie-Harris/dp/0763609749