Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Water Golf

Can businesses get flood insurance?  What if your business is a golf course and it looks like this:

These photos are a little old but I didn't take any and these are the best that I could find on the net.

Mike and I drive past Lakeside Golf Course every morning.  Last week, the water was to the flags!  I can't even imagine the stress that the owners are under.  Last weekend, we had GREAT weather! They could have had so many people out on the course... but it is under water.  It's crazy!  The water level is actually finally starting to go down.  You can see the greens in some spots, but still.  I'm sure the mess that the flooding leaves is just as bad.  I think we should come together and figure out how to play water golf.  Instead of holes, maybe they could have buckets?  Instead of golf carts, they could have paddle boats?  They could have floating rafts to hit the ball off of... I think I have a great idea!  I'm sure there are a few courses in my city that could take advantage of this :o)

Thankfully the rain has FINALLY stopped!  We had great weather this past weekend with temps in the 90s!  I'm going down to Indy this weekend to the Vintage Indiana wine festival.  The park where this is held is also on a river.  As far as I know, it is not flooded.  I'm just hoping for great weather!

What has it been like where you live? 
Did it finally stop snowing, Lora? :o)

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amanda said...

i had no idea you all had had so much rain! hope it's drying out for you.