Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Mommy's a PRINCESS!"

You bet she is ;o)

It's no secret that Jaden is obsessed with all things princess.  Taylor is quickly catching on.  She gets so excited about her princess potty seat and squeals, "ESS!  ESS!"  Which means, princess.  I'm telling you, from potty seat to toothbrushes and toothpaste to underpants to books and toys... You name it and the girls have it princessified.

Another thing that is the product of a slight obsession of someone in our house is photos!  We have them everywhere!  Put two and two together and you can imagine Jaden's excitement when she sees her own mom dressed like a princess!  Yes, J has discovered our wedding pictures.  I think she first started in on my single day of princesshood during the time of the royal wedding.  She watched Kate get married and was told, "Look!  It's a real princess!  She's getting married!"  So ignites the princess wedding spark. 

I few weeks back, Jaden made an announcement, "Guess what I did at Annie's today!  I danced with Shawn.  You know why?  Because we got MARRIED!"  Hmm.  Well.  First of all, thanks for not even inviting your own MOM to your wedding, and second... really?... If you know Jaden, you know how she latches onto her current fad and doesn't let up!  She is all about weddings and princesses and getting married. 

The other day, I wore a strapless maxi dress to work.  Jaden saw me that morning and said, "Wow Mom, I like your dress!  Is that your wedding dress?!"  Not exactly, kid... Although I'm sure the father of this bride would have loved to pay for a dress from Old Navy over my actual wedding dress :o)  That's when I decided, it's time to break that bad boy out.  It has not seen the light of day since I stuffed it into the garment bag the morning after my royal wedding.  I am not getting rid of it though because I think it would be really cool to incorporate a piece or two into each of the girls' bridal ensemble some day (far down the road... if I get invited...) 

Bring it on!  The princess wedding parade :o)
"Jaden, look at Mommy!"

Don't mind the huge stain on the front... Like I said, it hadn't seen daylight since my wedding day!

I would also like to mention that this Friday is the FIVE YEAR anniversary of the day that Mike and I said, "I do!"  (or was it, "I will"?  I can never remember)  We are celebrating with a dinner and movie out with no little ones!  I'm sure it will be just as blissful as that day, five years ago.  We also have a little something special planned for Sunday :o)  Just wait!  Happy anniversary week, Mike!  Cheers to more love-filled years :o)

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to vote on your blog in top mommy blogs, but how can I find it?

Shannon said...

Just click the banner at the end of my post! Easy peasy... thanks! Click daily for more votes!

Lala said...

It's the incredible shrinking bride! :) So cute. I imagine I would have a stain on my white wedding dress, too. White and I are not really supposed to spend time together.