Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two of Them

When Mike and I were planning our wedding, I was also planning when I was going to have children.  I wanted four.  I was uneducated and unsmart.  I would think about how far apart I wanted our kids (all four of them) to be.  No more than two years!  I wanted to go from one baby to the next... Do the math.  That is like 8 years of pregnancy and babies!  Like I said, I was unsmart. 

We were married in July of 2006 and Miss Jaden arrived right on time in April of 2007.  Exactly nine months after we were married.  Baby #1, check!  She was a perfect baby!  She obviously had her baby moments, but she was not a fussy baby.  You could sit her on a blanket on the floor and she would play with her toys.  It was great!  In fact, she was so good, Mike and I seriously considered having only one child.  Then I had that little issue with my cervix and when I though of the possibility of not ever having kids again, I knew my family wasn't complete.  BUT, my little surgery did throw a little kink in my four babies, two years apart plan!  I had to wait about half a year past when I wanted to be pregnant to even try to get pregnant.  I was scared it wouldn't happen, but well... Nine months later, we welcomed Taylor Max to our family!

After our second child, we got smart.  We knew we could only handle two.  We knew that we could not let them out number us.  I got fixed and we are living happily ever after! 

However, the title of this post is not about the number of kids I have.  It is about everything else that comes with those kids.  We have to have the same of everything (or at least equal in the eyes of the beholders).  Taylor wants to take her Pooh to Annie's; Jaden has to take Tigger.  Jaden wants to play her Mobigo game; Taylor has to have her game.  Taylor is playing with the blonde Pop-On Pal; Jaden has to have a blonde Pop-On Pal.  Jaden wants to wear a necklace; Taylor has to wear a necklace.  Taylor makes me laugh at dinner; Jaden must make me laugh immediately after (on the same level of funniness).  It gets a little bit ridiculous at times!  If we don't have equality, there are real-life, wet tears.

They are crazy.  They can be a handful at times.  They love each other more than anything else in the world.  They make my heart smile... even when my mouth is not.

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The Curry Family said...

Too funny before I read this I was just explaining to my 5yr old ( I also have 2 boys 24mo apart, exactly what I wanted) that we don't need 2 of everything cause its getting ridiculous, We have 2 of everything!

Kristen said...

for a minute I thought you were telling us you were pregnant!!!!! :)
Two is fun, I just still feel compelled for one more!