Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Badges of Fun: Hit the Road

The girls have successfully completed their second activity in Disney Family Fun's Badges of Fun challenge, earning their Hit the Road Badge!

For this badge, they created road maps that included all of theplaces they like to go!  First, they placed the places on their maps.

Grace joined us in this activity, as well!

Gramma J stopped by to help!  The girls cut out shapes to make houses and buildings.  They also used stickers and logos to mark their special places.  Then, they connected all of their places with roads.

Lastly, each girl titled their map!

Biz and I listed all of the places that were included on the map.

The girls took a time-out to play doctor :o) 

I laminated all of the maps after they were all finished!  Jaden and Taylor LOVE looking at theirs in the car... although Taylor wouldn't really cooperate for a picture ;o)

They each got to place their earned badge on their posters.

They were presented a certificate to show that they successfully completed their task and earned their Hit the Road badge!

Great job girls!!

Grace, Tell your mom to look for your stuff in the school mail! :o)

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1 comment:

lala said...

Yay, little ladies! Love the maps! Love the 'do color on you, too! Looks really good!